Paris Hilton seduced his friend

Paris Hilton seduced his friendParis Hilton is now at the Sundance film festival in the U.S. city of Park city in Utah, where she promotes her new film "the hottie and the nottie".There in one of the institutions caught her kissing passionately with actor Jared Leto and, as reported they meet as long as Paris is 16 years old.Similar to the relationship between a source said: "Paris and Jared seriously not Dating, but this is not the first time they touch, just before there were no cameras". "She likes him, she finds him very sexy and exciting," added the source.Meanwhile, Paris recently said in an interview with PageSix that she now does not want a boyfriend, because she travels a lot too and she doesn't have time for a relationship.Life&Style reports in its latest issue that over the past few days this is the second time Paris flirts with ex Lindsay Lohan. "On January 19 at the club Tao she danced for Jared Striptease, - says an eyewitness. - At first it was uncomfortable, but then liked it. When she bent to kiss him, he was all ready.While Paris spent the weekend with the star of "Fight club", it follows the rule: "no boyfriend". Читать полностью -->

Lolita congratulated `the lights off`

Lolita congratulated `the lights off`My next birthday Lolita met quite casually at work. In Kiev Russian showwomen starred in the musical program, which will go into the New year on local television.In the absence of the usual circle of relatives and friends the TV celebrity had to settle greetings from the partners on the set. Moreover congratulated lolita very original way.In the midst of filming in the Studio suddenly cut down the light. Star was about to Express my indignation. But very soon changed the temper justice with mercy - on the threshold of her dressing room there were people with flowers and a beautiful cake.Had to call a recess, during which Lolita listened to a lot of flattering words in his address on the occasion of the 44 anniversary.- On the cream cake was drawn, the number of 18 - with a hint that I am always young and pretty. But first, I mixed up the unit with a seven, " laughs the singer. Читать полностью -->

Many Hollywood stars didn't live past 30 years

Many Hollywood stars didn't live past 30 yearsHollywood stars mourn the native Australian actor Heath Ledger, who did not live up to 30 years. Portal ABC recalls and other, untimely deceased idols.Australian actress Naomi watts journalists found in the Sundance. She cried when she spoke about Ledger, her ex-boyfriend. Heath and Naomi met from 2002 to 2004, after meeting on the set of the film "Ned Kelly".Another Hollywood star from Australia Nicole Kidman closest friend Naomi. She made a special statement to the press, but said on the phone: "What a terrible tragedy! These days my heart together with family members of Hit".Main Hollywood Aussie Mel Gibson spoke of a promising career Ledger, which has quickly interrupted: "I believed in him a great future. He just started his career and passed away on takeoff. Читать полностью -->

Maniac chasing uma Thurman, will put only a year

Maniac chasing uma Thurman, will put only a yearHearing on the case of Jack Jordan, who for two years pursued the famous actress uma Thurman, will take place on 5 February, according to Reuters.36-year-old "fan" is accused of trying to sneak into the trailer stars during filming in Manhattan in 2005, he also repeatedly tried to get in contact with her and get into the new York home of actress. In this case, the offender was acquitted of more serious charges in limiting the freedom of the stars. The Prosecutor insisted on this formulation, based on the letter that Jodan sent Mind. In it he threatened to commit suicide if they see their favorite actress in the company of another man. However, a new York judge found no thoughts of suicide attack on the freedom of another person, so the charges in this case Gorjana were removed.Jack Jordan was arrested in October 2006, but released on bail. Fan-offender faces a year in prison - the final verdict in his case will be handed down on 5 February. Читать полностью -->

Party show `Minute of fame` killed himself with resentment

Party show `Minute of fame` killed himself with resentmentA member of the popular show on channel "Minute of fame" from the Altai region, returning from the program after the jury not missed him in the finals, had committed suicide.About the tragic death of Alexander Malyutin writes the newspaper "Izvestia".56-year-old resident of the village of Altai Alexander Malyutin in the area were known. In 1965 a local newspaper wrote, as he learns simultaneously in two schools, commuting from his village of Saras in music to the district on the ride. Then Alexander entered the Omsk music school, graduated a year and a half and entered the Novosibirsk Conservatory accordion.Piano, guitar, balalaika and accordion Malyutin has mastered himself. Played at any speed, turning the instrument, and the piano and the accordion learned to play yet and toes. Once Malyutin together with his wife Lyudmila taught in Kemerovo College of music, played in Siberian folk chorus named after Valentin Levashov. But in 1982, he left the family, leaving his wife with two small sons. Читать полностью -->

Stalin and Brezhnev - favorite secretaries-General of the Russians

Stalin and Brezhnev - favorite secretaries-General of the RussiansWhat do you think, what political system we live in? When "socially oriented capitalism", which has replaced capitalism "oligarchs", who ruled the country in the 1990-ies.It is so written in the book for teachers "modern history of Russia. 1945-2006" Alexander Filippov. The discussion was devoted to a special conference at the Academy of advanced training and retraining of education workers.The scandalous book Filippova "MK" already wrote ("For Russia! For Stalin!", 1 October). The article generated more than 600 responses, which is understandable: our readers do not care what books will teach children. Why is the appearance of the next tutorial has caused such heated debate? The answer is simple: the author admits that the book is already approved by the "top". Now it has released a limited edition - only for teachers, but soon, apparently, will be ready and mass circulation.This means, in the country after a 15-year hiatus will be the same for all the textbook of national history. Читать полностью -->

Partner Hilary swank beat her suspenders from the pants

Partner Hilary swank beat her suspenders from the pantsWinner of two awards "Oscar-winning actress Hilary swank was in the hospital after a bad Striptease while filming. Sent the actress to knock her colleague Gerard Butler, with whom she starred in the film P. S. I Love You, reports The Sun.As it turned out, the star of the movie "300" was not able to deal with your own suspenders pants that flew off and hit Hilary in the face."Hilary is such a humble and talented, and I almost killed her, said Butler. - I attached one end of the braces to the dresser and pulled them on. Somehow they got loose and hit her in the forehead. Читать полностью -->

Elizabeth II is the most stylish woman of the world

Elizabeth II is the most stylish woman of the worldVogue have included Queen Elizabeth II, in "Full list of stylish women of our time", which will be published in the December issue of the magazine, writes The Telegraph.According to the compilers of the list, 81-year-old Elizabeth looks equally impressive both in boots and scarves... and jewels from the Royal Treasury".In addition to the English Queen, in a list of 50 names included models Kate moss and Naomi Campbell, architect Zaha Hadid (Zaha Hadid) and actress Helen Mirren (Helen Mirren), who received the award "Oscar" for her role as Elizabeth II in "the Queen". Source: Elizabeth II is the most stylish woman of the world. . . . Читать полностью -->

Valeria left their children in Russia

Valeria left their children in RussiaLondon will be the starting point in the conquest of the Western pop scene Russian singer Valeria, in the British capital, she flew on 17 January with her husband, producer and assistant chief Joseph Prigozhin."England is the capital of world music, and what is accepted in England, is automatically adopted in the European community", - said in an interview with RIA Novosti singer, who in early October 2007 announced the cancellation of all tour dates for 2008 and the beginning of a crusade to the West."Before the concert in London is still far. First released singles, then we will be releasing the album, will be on promotion: radio, television, advertising. After that all you can think about the concert," said Valeria.Valeria thoroughly prepared to open a new page in his career - an album with the working title Out of control, which will appear in Russia approximately on March 1, will be released in two versions - English and Russian."I have this album very proud of. Let's see how he gets to London," added Valerie.In addition, all of 2008, pop diva will spend in Europe - most of my time in the UK, but plans to visit Germany and France. In Russia, the singer will appear only on individual corporate performances. For its part, Prigogine noted that "whenever possible, we will come to Moscow every weekend, because there will remain our children, and on Monday we will go back to work.". Читать полностью -->

Carmen Electra seduces men by their shapes

Carmen Electra seduces men by their shapes Carmen Electra - Her stage name Carmen Electra chose after the Prince in 1991, told her that she looks like Carmen.C nine years Carmen was studying in the Art School. At fifteen, Carmen Electra has already performed in Los Angeles, and at 19 signed a contract with Paisley Park Records. Source: Carmen Electra seduces men by their shapes (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

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