Died star Russian chanson Katya Ogonek

Died star Russian chanson Katya OgonekThe singer died at the age of 30 years in a Moscow hospital after a long illness. Shortly before the Fire was planning to release a new album. Christina Pozharsky (the real name of the singer) since childhood suffered from epilepsy.6 days before death she got into the ICU, where he died from cardiac arrest, according to Zvezdi.ru.Pozharsky was born in Krasnodar Krai, an urban-type settlement Dzhubga. In addition to a comprehensive school, the future singer studied music and ballet. From the age of 16 she began to perform pop songs in school ensembles, dance, pop bands.His career Katya Ogonek started in jail. She was convicted under article 211 part 2 (violation of safety rules and operation of vehicles, entailed death of the victim". Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was forced to sing songs

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was forced to sing songsAnastasia Zavorotnyuk, as the "face" of the channel "Russia", was invited to lead the traditional new year's blue light.However, the program didn't look boring, its creators have come up with a good move. "Beautiful nurse" offered... to sing. As you know, last year Nastya successfully debuted in the musical project "Two stars".In a couple Zavorotniuk not picked anyone but the master of the Russian platform Iosif Kobzon! Who steals a song that Joseph and Anastasia will sing a duet in the new year's eve. Source: Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was forced to sing songs. . Читать полностью -->

Victoria Beckham dreams of a daughter

Victoria Beckham dreams of a daughterVictoria and David Beckham already raising three sons - Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. Now star family dream about his daughter.The wife of the famous football player and singer in the Spice Girls Victoria Beckham admits that she is waiting for the appearance of the girls."It would be great to give birth to a baby girl. It would have made our family complete, and David would be very happy girl," - Victoria said.By the way, when the actress became pregnant for the third time, she too was counting on the birth of her daughter. But the family of Beckham again the boy was born.Now Victoria and David Beckham are determined still to give his sister his sons, the newspaper Sun. However, adding to the family would be long.While Victoria Beckham prefers dreams about daughter's career. The group Spice Girls, which once glorified five British girls reunited and sent on a concert tour around the world.Victoria, of course, will go on tour together with colleagues, so pregnancy of her plan now."I've got a big tour and I don't want to get pregnant. Читать полностью -->

In St. Petersburg died actor Igor Dmitriev

In St. Petersburg died actor Igor DmitrievAt the Comedy theatre of a name of Akimova in St. Petersburg on 81-m to year of life died a famous actor Igor Borisovich Dmitriev. His funeral is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.May 29, 2007, the people's artist of Russia Igor Dmitriev turned 80 years old. Dmitriev was a member of the National Academy of cinema arts and Sciences of Russia, member of the Union of cinematographers and the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, the English club, world club of Petersburgers.The film career of Igor Borisovich began during the great Patriotic war, but he became known after roles in "the Quiet Don" Gerasimov. He played 150 roles on stage and 70 in the movies. Читать полностью -->

A rare disease was discovered the genius of Paganini

A rare disease was discovered the genius of PaganiniA genius with the gift to charm the audience with the sounds of the violin, was born in a small Italian town, and at the end of life conquered all of Europe. Rare artist was so popular as Niccolo Paganini.Anyone who has ever heard the sound of his violin, kept this memory until his last days.Two centuries later, it is difficult to imagine how it sounded the most skilled violin violinist in the world: another Paganini humanity is still not received. To describe the playing of virtuoso couldn't be done by the poet."Everything was turned outwards and upwards, forming a huge space available only spiritual, but not with the physical eyes. In the middle of this space was hovering glowing ball, on which stood a giant, proud, majestic man playing the violin. What was that Orb? The sun? I don't know. But in terms of the person I learned Paganini. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton has got `legs` illiterate female fans

Paris Hilton has got `legs` illiterate female fansA resident of California Nicole o'neill has filed a lawsuit against the rich heiress Paris Hilton, saying that she "steal her style". . . . . . Читать полностью -->