Bridget powers - star strawberries growth 120 cm

Bridget powers - star strawberries growth 120 cm To be able to walk, actress Bridget powers survived 13 complex operations at the age of four. Today she is the star of indie porn with lots of fans across the planet.Powers (better known under the pseudonym Bridget the Midget or "Bridget the Midget") - Gothic exotic "adult", who managed to prove that "Shorty" in the porn industry can not only be marginal treats for three perverts, but the real pop stars. "I always knew that I would become a sex symbol, - says Bridget. - Recesivas in front of the mirror, I see a sexy little thing with two little legs.". . . Читать полностью -->

Wife Baskov feels bad about the divorce

Wife Baskov feels bad about the divorceStill the legal spouse of Nikolay Baskov admitted that it is very painful given the separation from her husband. The main cause of suffering is the hype that has arisen around such a personal affair."You know, because what we have going on with the lines, unfortunately, it happens all over the world with many, - says Svetlana. - We were no exception. Would love it to misinterpret the yellow press, and was served the way it is. To strangers does not cause so much pain!". . Читать полностью -->

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