Oksana Grischuk will sue the makers of the show `Dancing on ice`

Oksana Grischuk will sue the makers of the show `Dancing on ice`One of the most prominent members of the show "Dancing on ice. Velvet season" - finalist of the show Oksana Grischuk - ... intends to sue the organizers of the project.About it writes "Your Day".Olympic champion in figure skating requires to pay for her expensive surgery on the knee, which she injured during participation in the show of the TV channel "Russia".The doctors who examined the leg of the athlete, which made a disappointing verdict: a slight tear of the meniscus, the loss of half of the cartilage in his left knee. But despite this diagnosis, the courageous skater rushed to the final show: Babysitting a pair of Grischuk - Dranga could dramatically lower the ratings of a growing project.I refused the surgery. Took a chance to reach the finals, " said the skater.Clenching his teeth in a forced smile, she went out on the ice with fixing bandage, risking to remain a lifelong disability. And now for this feat for the sake of art Oksana will be forced to pay a lot of money.- I suppressed the situation - sadly explained Oksana. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev ignominiously fired the driver

Pugachev ignominiously fired the driverAlla Pugacheva dismissed Vladimir Popov - the driver of a stolen from her car. The reason for the dismissal good enough - a week ago, unknown persons stole a jeep worth more than 2 million rubles, which was owned by Alla Borisovna.- Instead of putting the car on paid Parking in Moscow, " says Kristina Orbakaite, the driver left her for the night under the Windows of his apartment in the village of Filimonki Leninsky district.When the next morning, Vladimir went into the yard, the car on the spot was gone. Recognizing the name of the star of the owner of "Land Cruiser", the police threw him on his search for a better force. However, while he did not produce results.Meanwhile, it turned out that Alla Borisovna on this car personally did not go. However, this machine is especially dear diva. She recently gave to his youngest grandson and 9-year-old Dani Baisarov. Читать полностью -->

For remarks about blacks Watson was removed from office

For remarks about blacks Watson was removed from officeThe Board of Trustees of cold spring Harbor and its President Bruce stiilman suspended Nobel laureate James Watson from the post of the rector because of his statements about the low intelligence of blacks, according to the press service of the laboratory.Watson began collaborated with the laboratory nearly 60 years ago, in 1948. In 1968 he became its Director, 1994 was elected President in 2004 he moved to the post of rector. Despite the seniority and merit genetics, he dismissed until further action by the Board on this occasion.The day before the decision, the Council has publicly stated that the statements of Watson, published October 14 in The Sunday Times, "are personal statements and do not reflect the goals, objectives and principles of Council, administration and staff of the laboratory of cold spring Harbor. Dr. Watson is not the President of the laboratory and not acted on its behalf".The Council disagreed with the statements, as well as surprise and regret that they appeared in the press, and stated that "the laboratory does not conduct any research that could be the basis for utverzdenii attributed to Dr. Watson".Recall that Watson has already apologized for his words, saying he was overwhelmed by the public response. Читать полностью -->

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