The entire show Shine admitted to the hospital

The entire show Shine admitted to the hospitalPopular sports commentator Vladimir the plot is under medical treatment in Moscow the 1st City hospital, she feels well, has informed "Interfax" a press-the Secretary of TV company "NTV-Plus" Anastasia Kazakova.Earlier, some media circulated reports that the plot was hospitalized due to acute pain in the abdomen. According to the newspaper "Your day", the famous commentator, may have to undergo surgery.Late at night the plot was bad: very sick stomach. However, Vladimir Nikitovich did not give his condition enough attention - at that time he was preparing the next TV show to be released in the air. Instead of turning to the doctor, he decided to self-medicate. However, pain pills did not help. By two o'clock the pain from the former goalkeeper of the national team of the USSR and Moscow "Spartak" has only intensified, and he called an ambulance.In three hours the night of the plot was taken in one of the Moscow clinics. Читать полностью -->

In India died the Creator of the Gita and Zita

In India died the Creator of the Gita and ZitaIn India, at the age of 93 years died a famous producer of bollywood j.P. Sippi, Creator of such films as revenge and the law (Sholay and seeta and Geeta (Seeta aur Geeta).J. P. Sippy suffering from liver disease, died in his home on December 25. Today will be a solemn ceremony of cremation.The famous producer of bollywood was born 14 September 1914. J. Читать полностью -->

Verka Serduchka forever left for France

Verka Serduchka forever left for FranceIn Russia after the scandalous performance at Avoidany" Verka Serduchka never forgave.What there to speak, and in his native Ukraine on shocking the conductor looked askance. Andrey Danilko could not stand the persecution of my favourites and decided to change the place of residence.According to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the actor bought the estate in France and soon going to move there for permanent residence. I wonder how to perceive subtle French art Ukrainian burlesque star. While I never got the chance Danilko took a Serduchka in London. It is in the foggy Albion will be charged a continuation of the ambitious project "Verka Serduchka in Europe".Soon you will see Europe through the eyes of an eccentric Ukrainian stars. The name of the show, which now speaks for itself: it is the main "highlight" will be extremely sociable, active and "sharp-tongued" Verka. Читать полностью -->

A Grand conflict Kirkorov and Meladze

A Grand conflict Kirkorov and MeladzePhilipp always sincerely spoke about the brothers Meladze. But to greet them, the artist now will not. Between Philip, Constantine and Valery Meladze to burst into a huge quarrel."I will continue everywhere to say that Konstantin Meladze an amazing composer, and Valera decent performer - Frank Philipp. But these people never say Hello. I took the eraser and erased them from my memory. For me they have ceased to exist.". Читать полностью -->

Dzhanabaeva naked for Playboy readers

Dzhanabaeva naked for Playboy readers Girls from the group "via Gra" continue to delight fans with his creativity and magnificent forms. Sexy and out of reach for millions of men, they do not mind demonstrating their hot curves. The Playboy magazine in this strongly supports.Source: dzhanabaeva naked for Playboy readers (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

George Clooney will take care of the nature

George Clooney will take care of the natureAmerican actor George Clooney will join the Board of Directors of the new Swiss company, which will develop environmentally friendly fuels for cars and other vehicles, reports AP.On the establishment of a new company, not yet named, announced on Saturday the head of the world's largest watchmaker - Swatch Group, Nicolas Hayek (Nicolas Hayek).The Hayek intends to lead the Board of Directors in the new company, as in the Swatch. It is known that in addition to Clooney on the Board of Directors will include, in particular, astronaut Claude Nicole (Claude Nicollier).According to Hayek, at first he hesitated between albert Gore and George Clooney, but in the end preferred the latter. Chapter Swatch even has not contacted the Gore, because it is still unknown whether he will run for presidency in the U.S. in 2008. Recall that albert Gore leading the fight against global warming, this year was awarded the Nobel peace prize. Source: George Clooney will take care of the nature. Читать полностью -->

Scarlett Johansson decided to become a Director

Scarlett Johansson decided to become a DirectorPopular actress Scarlett Johansson debuts this year as a Director in the project "new York, I love you," reports the New York Post.In this project, which also involved a famous American Director woody Allen, 12 Directors shoot each five-minute bad about the love story unfolding in new York.In addition to Allen, in the project from the producers of a similar project in 2006 involved such well-known Directors and actors such as Anthony Minghella, Brett Ratner, Zack Braff World and Ner.Meanwhile, this news does not mean that Scarlett Johansson, granddaughter of Danish Director of Anera Johansson, ceases to act in films. Just the other day she received an offer from Courtney Love to play her in her youth in the film adaptation of the biography of her late husband, the leader of the group Nirvana Kurt Cobain.Among the films, which starred Scarlett Johansson, "lost in translation", "Girl with a pearl earring, Match point," "the Black Dahlia ", "the nanny Diaries" and others. Source: Scarlett Johansson decided to become a Director. . . . Читать полностью -->

The police took away rights from a drunk Mickey Rourke

The police took away rights from a drunk Mickey RourkeThe Miami police detained a well-known American actor Mickey Rourke for driving under the influence. According to police, 51-year-old Rourke turned around at a red light, and then the desert began to wag from side to side.About this RBC.The actor had a red face and bloodshot eyes and his speech was slurred, besides, he smelled of alcohol.The actor did not resist arrest, but claimed that he "never drank so much to be drunk".After it was carried out a medical examination, which showed a higher concentration of alcohol in the blood of the actor, Rourke was released from the precinct on bail of $ 1,000. In addition, the actor lost his driving privileges for 90 days and paid a fine of $ 1600.Mickey Rourke - the world famous Hollywood actor. Has starred in such films as "sin City", "9 1/2 weeks", "angel Heart", "wild Orchid" and others. The infamous star of films was repeatedly accused of abuse of drugs and alcohol throughout his career.Unfortunately, such cases are among the actors of Hollywood are not uncommon. It is worth mentioning that last year the Prosecutor's office of Los Angeles was sentenced to another Hollywood actor Mel Gibson to 3 years probation for driving under the influence. Читать полностью -->

Vovk and Menchov finally kicked with `Song of the year`

Vovk and Menchov finally kicked with `Song of the year`We already wrote about the fact that with the advent in the "song of the year" by Alla Pugacheva still the undisputed leading angelina Vovk and Eugene Menchov are out of work. Apparently, the situation has not changed. Herself angelina M. about this scandal says bitterly."We had a contract with Igor Krutoy in words," says TV presenter. And I couldn't even imagine that it's easy to forget the promises in the pursuit of profit...". . Читать полностью -->

Leontiev 7 years kept the secret of their scars

Leontiev 7 years kept the secret of their scarsFor her age Valery Leontiev in great shape. very few after 50 moves around on stage. Taut and muscular, the artist has always been famous for its sporting achievements. However, physical activity in order to maintain the figures have led to irreversible consequences.On one recent performances Valery put enough outdoor suit, revealing to the audience the scars that Leontiev's been hiding for years.Is the effect of the surgery to remove the tumor that Leontiev did seven years ago, " stunned "GG" people, knowledgeable in the Affairs of the musician.When renowned designer Tatyana Kudryavtseva plan to create a new stage outfit, and she could not assume that the bat costume reveal a long-standing mystery Valery Yakovlevich.Seven years ago, Leontiev had found a tumor, said "GG" approximate singer. As the doctors explained, a cyst formed due to excessive stress on the muscles. Valery Yakovlevich then carefully increase muscle mass. Читать полностью -->

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