Galkin climbed into the dressing room to Pugacheva

Galkin climbed into the dressing room to PugachevaMaxim Galkin struck the organizers of the award "Humor FM" that were demanded and Alla Pugacheva joint dressing room.Don't you know that we with Alla Borisovna has to be one dressing room?! - raged in the backstage humorist.Galkina could not convince even those arguments that the room in which they had to change actors, it was too small for two people. In the corridors of the Theater stage Pugacheva and Galkin appeared a little late - when the ceremony has already begun. Dolly parton organizers was immediately ushered into the dressing room on the second floor, but Galkin, who was walking behind Pugacheva, blocked the entrance and said that he made a room on the third floor, the newspaper "Your day".Is that?! - protested Galkin, removing her glasses. - I'm with her (pointing to the dressing room Pugacheva) I will!We... together we. Why do I need a separate dressing room? We with Alla Borisovna has to be shared! - and stalked for Pugacheva.While "nails of the evening was preparing to go on stage awards were received by the group "Factory", Gennady Khazanov, Garik Martirosyan and Alexander Maslyakov. Читать полностью -->

`The best film` has set a record in the Russian hire

`The best film` has set a record in the Russian hire"The best film", which starred members of the entertainment project Comedy Club, has set a record on fees for the first weekend in domestic theaters. For the first four days he collected in theaters CIS 19.2 million dollars.In just the first day of hire "the best film" was seen by 3.5 million people.Experts interviewed by the newspaper, attributed the film's success primarily by the popularity of the "Comedy Club" on TNT. The fact that the target audience of the TV channel TNT (people aged 18 to 30 years) coincides with the main part of cinemagoers. However, they predict that the drop fees pictures next weekend will be 65-70 percentIt is worth noting that the leaders in the Russian box office box office "Irony of fate. The continuation of" Timur Bekmambetov (more than $ 50 million) were collected in the first four days of rental 9.4 million dollars."The best film" was released on 24 January 2008. The TV rights to the picture even at the stage of production bought the TNT channel. Читать полностью -->

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