Hollywood transforms into monarchs of Europe

Hollywood transforms into monarchs of Europe Among the actors who receive offers to star in the film in the role of a monarch, it is impossible to identify a common type. Somewhere need become Royal, but otherwise useful, and youthful sexuality, according to ABC News.Actress cate Blanchett was nominated for the award "Oscar" for a role of Queen Elizabeth I in the same film. She played the role of Queen in the continuation of this painting called the "Golden age". The tape will be released this week and is dedicated to the relationship of the Queen with sir Walter Raleigh, played by Clive Owen.Preceding the film is about the youth of Elizabeth and how she became the "Queen-a virgin". Blanchet lost "Oscar" actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who starred in the film "Shakespeare in Love".For Scarlett Johansson corset dresses Royal also becomes something familiar. The actress has already played a Scottish Queen Mary Stuart, and is now preparing a sequel to the historical tape. Читать полностью -->

Ukraine has chosen the singer, who will go to Eurovision-2008

Ukraine has chosen the singer, who will go to Eurovision-2008Ukrainian pop singer Ani Lorak will represent Ukraine at the international song contest Eurovision 2008 final which will be held may 24 in Belgrade, Serbia.Thanks to the appearance of Verka Serduchka at the Eurovision song contest 2007 in Finland, this time the representative of Ukraine must act immediately in the finals.However, in October in the press appeared information that the Television Committee of the EBU adopted the proposal of the organizing Committee of the international Eurovision song contest on changing the format of the competition. As a result, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus has lost the ability to automatically reach the final of Eurovision 2008. Privilege left for Germany, Spain and France.Ani Lorak will go to Eurovision by the decision of the National television company of Ukraine, which, according to the Provisions of the European broadcasting Union has the right to determine the candidate that will represent the country at Eurovision song contest.Recall that in March, during a chat on Корреспондент.net Ani Lorak said that for her "page of the Eurovision inverted". "This contest Amateur musicians and professionals need to do their job," said then the singer.In may 2007, on the question of who should send to the Eurovision song contest 2008, Ani Lorak said that would send the VV group.Ukraine will participate in the Eurovision song for the sixth year in a row. The highest achievement is the victory of the Ukrainian singer Ruslana in 2004.The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2007 was a singer from Serbia by Marija Serifovic with the song the Prayer. Verka Serduchka (aka Andrey Danilko) with the song Dancing Lasha Tumbai took second place, while Russian trio with the song, the Song number one - third.Live from Belgrade two semi-finals (20 and 22 may) and the final of the Eurovision song contest 2008 (24th may) will be held at the First national TV channel. Читать полностью -->

Brazilian Museum stole paintings by Picasso

Brazilian Museum stole paintings by PicassoPaintings by Pablo Picasso and Candido Portinari, stolen in December 2007 from the Museum of art in sГЈo Paulo, was intended for the collector from Saudi Arabia, reports AP.On Friday said one of the suspects detained in the case of the theft from the Museum. It is in the apartment of this man on 8 January 2008 were found of the painting that went missing from the Museum. The canvases were prepared for transportation, said Friday evening, representatives of law enforcement agencies of Brazil, involved in the investigation of theft.Two paintings - "Portrait of Suzanne Bloch" by Picasso, valued at $ 50 million, and "Collector coffee" Portinari, estimated at 5-6 million, were made by the robbers from the Museum of art in Sao Paulo early in the morning of 20 December. Paintings hung in different rooms of the Museum, however, the criminals took these two pictures, which, according to the police, testified to the custom nature of the robbery.January 8, police in Brazil said that the cloth was found, and on suspicion of involvement in a robbery arrested two people. No other details then were not reported. Source: Brazilian Museum stole paintings by Picasso. Читать полностью -->

Lesbian stereotype Melanie C

Lesbian stereotype Melanie CAt the peak of popularity British girl quintet Spice Girls about the participant Melanie C (Mel C) persistently rumored, claimed that she was a lesbian.What was to blame is hard to say. In the group she was nicknamed Sporty Spice Sporty spice), she dressed in androgynous style, and once appeared in public with a short boyish haircut. After that, many renamed it Dyke Spice (spice Lesbian).Today, 33-year-old Melanie admitted that over time, these rumors started to annoy her. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she said: "at First I laughed at them, because it is the last thing that would come to my mind. But then the rumors I just got. Yes, I had short hair, athletic build, lots of tattoos, but really it shows that I am the stereotype of lesbians?". Читать полностью -->

Pavel Volya was captured on the island

Pavel Volya was captured on the islandThe girlfriend of the leading and renowned artist Paul Will Marica condemned his friend to this agony. Thanks to her cheerful Pavel is not a laughing matter.Flown away from Goa for a few days before she accidentally took with itself the passport Pasha. And "glamorous bastard" every day it's not allowed to leave the country without documents.After intense work, the whole gaggle of "Comedy club" went to Goa. There the residents were booked into a luxury hotel. Throughout the week the participants of the show were supposed to rejuvenate and revel in the Sunny coast of the Indian ocean, what merry was doing.But from carelessness Pasha did not remain also a trace, when before departing, he was horrified to find that his stuff is not the main thing - the Russian passport. Still greater terror seized the Will, when he found out that his paper is Marika, a couple of days earlier Pasha returned to Moscow. Читать полностью -->

The top five most sexy women in the world

The top five most sexy women in the worldMale readers of the magazine "Maxim" amounted to "five" the most famous non-sexual women in the world. In the first place was the star of the TV series "Sex and the city" Sarah Jessica Parker."Style icon, actress and fashion designer Sarah Jessica Parker removed now in a feature film "Sex and the city". While for many women, it is the ideal of the modern urban woman, beauty, athlete and fashionista, men consider it frankly unattractive."As the actress with the face of the barbarian manages to appear in the show with the word "sex" in the title?" - surprised the readers of the magazine. - We would prefer her the man of her dreams Chris Note". However, Parker does not just fall into the "top ten" most charming celebrities, and for many of the fairer sex - it is an example to follow.In the second place, the British rocker Amy Winehouse, an alcoholic and drug addict who is constantly treated for their addictions rehab hospitals in England. "When we first heard that star in their songs showing off again and refuses to be treated, we thought, "Here it would be very fun to hang out!", but looking at her creepy pale skin with translucent capillaries, and hair, resembling a crow's nest, eyelashes that look like pasted scraps of felt, we began to shout, "Oh No, spare us!" The very same young singer satisfied with their appearance and a few years as married.On third place came the star of the series about the doctors of "Grey's Anatomy" Sandra O. Читать полностью -->

Moscow says goodbye with Gennady Bachinsky

Moscow says goodbye with Gennady BachinskyToday in Moscow will be held the funeral of the popular TV and radio host Gennady Bachinsky, who died in a car accident. A memorial service will be held at the Central house of the journalist. Bachynsky will be buried at the cemetery Troekurov.The victim's family has banned photos and video of the farewell ceremonies.And yesterday in Karloukovski monastery on the outskirts of the city of Kashin has funeral Gennady Bachinsky. The ceremony began at 12:00 spiritual mentor Bachynsky - local priest father Vitaly. Accompanied Gennady, his widow, relatives, work colleagues, local residents. The service lasted an hour and a half.As writes "Your day", father Vitaly admitted: showman than once told him that he was tired from work and thinking to do away with worldly Affairs. Читать полностью -->

Alluring feminist Salma Hayek

Alluring feminist Salma Hayek The most successful Latin American actress in Hollywood since Carmen Miranda, Hayek has appeared in more than 30 films, was nominated for the award "Oscar".She is a known feminist, whose charitable activities are aimed at protecting women from violence and immigrants from discrimination. Source: Alluring feminist Salma Hayek (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pelsh provoked the wrath of the stars `Ice age`

Pelsh provoked the wrath of the stars `Ice age`Showman Valdis Pelsh was not impressed by the success of the stars in "Ice age". TV presenter persistently put new skaters low grades, paying no attention to the opinion of other members of the jury. In the end he alienated almost all project participants.First Pelsh brought in outsiders Igor Vernik and Albena Denkova. However, during the execution of the program (skaters chose images of Quasimodo and Esmeralda from Notre Dame de Paris") Igor tripped and fell. The actor was so taken aback that even could not immediately rise, rolled over on his back and pulled in a partner. In the end, Albena had to ride in a torn suit, which she brushed skate as he fell. Читать полностью -->

The cord will trust the lady to sing the chorus `Full n...n`

The cord will trust the lady to sing the chorus `Full n...n`The leader of the infamous group "Leningrad" Sergey Shnurov for the first time were invited to participate in the concert by a woman. At a concert in Moscow club "Orange", which will be held on Friday, the Cord will trust the lady to sing the chorus, consisting of swear words.As told to the edition "Today" itself Cords, Friday will be a presentation of songs from the new album "Aurora", where the first group will sing the lady. "She's a simple role, the song is called "n...n", and it's the words of the chorus, which she will perform," explained the musician.As you know, in 2002, the Moscow authorities banned the performance of the group in the capital. As said Cord, this kind of problem help musicians to always remain interesting to the viewer. "We've toured a lot in the West and felt all the charm of a nomadic life fully," said Cords.Now to speak in the capital's clubs "Leningrad" has the ability. "But here we wish to speak in the "Olympic", we'd have sent," says Shnurov. Читать полностью -->

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