Paradorn of Sichuan married a Russian beauty

Paradorn of Sichuan married a Russian beautyFamous Thai tennis player of Paradorn of Sichuan and "Miss universe 2005 Natalie Glebova, a few months ago announced her engagement, on Thursday married in one of the hotels of Bangkok.28-year-old Paradorn of Sichuan became the first Asian took the place in the top ten players in the world and one of the most popular and famous athlete of Thailand. His best achievement dates back to may 2003, when he was ninth in the ATP rankings. By Thai standards it hesitated to start a family, fully devoting themselves to a career in sport.Last Sichuan went to the court in March this year at the tournament of series Masters in Miami, but could not finish the match due to injury. He currently ranks only 630-th line.A native of the city of Tuapse Natalia Glebova, who emigrated with his parents to Canada, permanently resides and has a work permit in Thailand, is engaged in advertising. She's hired to promote the brand brewing company Thailand''s Boon Rawd Brewery Co Ltd.Natalia Glebova before the competition studied at Ryerson University in Toronto, majoring in information technology management", deals with classical piano and composes music, but his main talent believes the ability to read backwards as easily as in the conventional direction. In 2005 she won the title of "Miss Canada-2005". Читать полностью -->

Jolie and pitt at the premiere of the actress shocked `Beowulf`

Jolie and pitt at the premiere of the actress shocked `Beowulf` Last night, London hosted the European premiere of the film "Beowulf". Special guests of the event were Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt, according to REUTERS.Suddenly Angelina decided to go to the people, so as not to miss the opportunity to chat with his fans from the Old world. She spent a long time talking with them and signing autographs in the square before the theatre, which hosted the premiere. Brad pitt had to play the role of silent bodyguard. "Fortunately, today I'm not at work!" "he joked."It's great to see all the fans here! It is always very pleasant, " said the actress told reporters. - I lived for several years in London and intend to come here more often." She also shared his opinion about the painting: "This is a very unusual film, some things shocked me right". Читать полностью -->

Navka rammed a car that was trying to `prune`

Navka rammed a car that was trying to `prune`Famous figure skater Tatiana Navka was the cause of the accident in the center of Moscow. This is the second accident that landed Olympic champion over the last year.On it informs "Your day".Exactly one year ago today, she got in an accident on "Lexus", given to her by Vladimir Putin after triumphant performance at the Olympics in Turin. However at that time the skater was the victim, not the culprit. When Tanya stopped at a traffic light on Zubovsky Boulevard, and back in her car crashed red "Mitsubishi", at which wheel there was a woman.This time in the evening after a workout champion hurried fashion show, in which she had to go to the podium. The organizers have been waiting for the star of the evening, when Tatiana called and reported the accident.How do I find the newspaper, skater cut front riding car, therefore there was a serious collision. Navka refused to call the place of accident employees of traffic police and suggested that the driver of a foreign car to negotiate on the spot.The man who had damaged the car, learned a famous skater and was ready to go meet her. Читать полностью -->

Varum and Agutin decided to take revenge on journalists

Varum and Agutin decided to take revenge on journalistsLeonid Agutin and Angelika Varum were so offended by the content of newspaper articles about their family life, that we decided to demand compensation of moral harm in the amount of one million rubles.The reason for filing in Golovinsky court lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity was triggered by two articles, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.One of the notes described how Anzhelika Varum wife announced a boycott. Agutin if too much time was given to the other girls and abused alcohol.Another article is also telling us about the passion of the singer and musician to drink. In that material were present and quotes Leonidas. And the woman, seeing "own comments" I was in shock, because such an interview she ever gave."This article is complete nonsense! said Agutin. The author presented the situation as if I came to Jurmala only in order to drink. But the interview with the mother actually was not.". Читать полностью -->

Money lead singer Shura to drugs

Money lead singer Shura to drugsSinger Alex began his career very slender young man. Then the singer suddenly gained a lot of weight, but the reasons for such drastic changes in appearance silent. It turns out that the culprit was a terrible disease."It was six years ago," the artist told in an interview to "source". Drugs has led to the fact that I had cancer. And thank God that it all happened this way and not otherwise. Because no one knows, as if all of that could end. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears went for gifts to the unborn nephew

Britney Spears went for gifts to the unborn nephew As we previously reported, 16-year-old sister of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn, is pregnant. Although the completion of the family is expected only in the spring of 2008, Britney has already started buying gifts for my future nephew.Just learning about the interesting position with his younger sister, Britney went shopping in the famous children's store writes the Gossip Girls. The pop Princess two sons, so she knows about the desired future mommy things firsthand. These attempts to be a caring older sister bad will couple statements from the environment of the singer, who told us what she was furious that he was notified of the pregnancy of Jamie Lynn one of the last. Even her ex-husband Kevin Motherhood, the court-appointed sole guardian of their joint children, had learned about it earlier, writes Hollyscoop. "Britney's fault that her sister shared with her. Читать полностью -->

Enrique Iglesias chose a favorite from the crowd of fans

Enrique Iglesias chose a favorite from the crowd of fansBeing on tour in Peter all alone, without Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias at the airport found a new passion.No sooner had the artist to get off the plane, rushed to his crowd of fans. Macho not confused:- Oh! What beauty!In the crowd of fans, the singer has allocated blonde, slightly similar to Anya, who tried to photograph him, but she did not succeed.- Come here, " invited a girl singer. "Let's see what you have there is not going well.Enrique checked the camera and set the desired mode.- Come closer to me, we'll take photos, " smiled the artist.Iglesias gently hugged the girl and took a picture with her.- You're adorable! - whispered in your ear the fan of the singer and gave her a piece of paper with your telephone number. - Call me! Source: Enrique Iglesias chose a favorite from the crowd of fans. . . Читать полностью -->

Best new Russian cinema

Best new Russian cinemaThe main feature of this year's film week in Russia is the fact that the cinemas will be only one major release is the sequel to the legendary new year film "Irony of fate-2" Timur Bekmambetov.Viewers will also be able to see the film "Alvin and the chipmunks" about how one day in the house of the unsuccessful songwriter Dave declares a trio of talking and singing chipmunks. Another novelty - Comedy "Fred Claus, Santa's brother" - a variation on the theme that Santa Claus is a regular person, writes "Time of news".In hire leaves "the Irony of fate-2" Timur Bekmambetov. Children are the main characters in the cult film Kostya (Konstantin Khabensky) and Nadia (Elizaveta Boyarskaya) meet in the New year's eve in familiar circumstances. The news of the release of the film drew a mixed reaction from the public. Opponents continue has created a website called "Antionia", which in the most intemperate phrases to Express their protest.In addition, the Turkmen group of hackers "gormet" hacked website "Irony" to Express protest the premiere of the film on December 21 - the day of memory of the former President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov. "All public events are canceled!", - said the hackers. Читать полностью -->

Chekhov staged a sex Orgy at its 30-year anniversary (photo, video)

Chekhov staged a sex Orgy at its 30-year anniversary (photo, video)Popular TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov made a real sex Orgy at the Banquet on the occasion of their thirtieth anniversary.The game is on the line the media personality drew many famous people. So, resident of Comedy Club Alexander A. Revva even had an orgasm from... communication with Python. And a birthday cake in the form of the marriage bed, if it could speak, it certainly would have earned on the distribution of an exclusive interview about his sex with TV celebrity millions!The birthday girl-TV presenter was born in the year of the Snake, so the celebration vermin swarmed everywhere.It all started, in fact, innocent entertainment. Revva pretended that "lights" Python, releasing the smoke from his mouth. Читать полностью -->

Fans of the Klitschko brothers stole panties from their idols

Fans of the Klitschko brothers stole panties from their idolsNot so long ago the Klitschko brothers arrived in Moscow for the filming of a promotional video. Although their visit was kept secret, fans still met the famous boxers in the capital airport.Receiving from Vladimir and Vitali autographs, the fans began to moan some thing to memory. Klitschko had to unpack one of the bags and give the girls new poster calendars with their image, reports the newspaper "Moscow correspondent".The loss of personal belongings and sports orange satin panties - brothers found already on the video. Because of this I had to change sports style boxers. In addition, it was also missing part of sports equipment and underwear athletes, which, as it turned out, was not quite fresh."Apparently, all the things was taken just at the moment when we were handing out posters - shrugs Directorate athletes. - It is possible that the crush is specially arranged to get them something more substantial calendars".Note that the briefs of the Klitschko brothers - a thing not cheap. Читать полностью -->

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