Valeria decided to `outdo` Madonna

Valeria decided to `outdo` MadonnaSinger, a respectable mother of three children, was filmed half-naked in an erotic video clip along with a few beauties-lesbians. And, they say, she, along with her husband, producer Iosif Prigozhin left Russia.Its goal is to conquer the discerning European audience.To record an English album, shooting three music videos and advertising campaign, the couple has already spent about $ 2 million from its own funds. Name at least one Russian artist, are willing to part with that money but for the sake of illusive success in the West.Russian stars easy to spend money on anything but your own creativity, you lose in the casino, buy expensive cars, real estate, which then rent or resell. So step Valeria and Joseph Prigogine looks unprecedented, the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".- Are you going in case of success, to settle permanently abroad?Valeria: Even if we will be successful in Europe, we are not going to stay there for permanent residence. Too deeply rooted in their country. I have my parents here, my audience. Читать полностью -->

Carmen Electra has released a new video textbook on the strip (frames)

Carmen Electra has released a new video textbook on the strip (frames)Carmen Electra has released a second DVD, where "clearly" proves that the strip is the best way to keep yourself in good shape.A new training programme Striptease from star fever police man Malibu is a sequel to her bestselling "Strip aerobics" and "Strip fitness", says The Sun. The new part has a promising subtitle "In the bedroom" and offers a set of exercises that can be done from the comfort of your own apocaly that, on the one hand, to burn extra calories and to feel more relaxed and sexy. According Aced Magazine, Carmen chose a very sound approach: according to her methods can deal with both novice and already trained in aerobics (or strippers...).75-minute program consists of 3 parts - from the warm-up before pinning "passed". ELEKTRA slowly shows every movement, explaining exactly how to do it. Of course, the actress-trainer name justifies his DVD perhaps the most erotic of all the video on fitness (see gallery). Source: Carmen Electra has released a new video textbook on the strip (frames). Читать полностью -->


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