Favorite `fabricante` Pugacheva gave birth to a son

Favorite `fabricante` Pugacheva gave birth to a sonThe graduate of "factory of stars" and the favourite of Alla Pugacheva, Irsen Kudikova gave birth to the firstborn.Baby weighing 3 kilograms 50 grams and 50 cm were born in one of the luxury maternity hospitals of Moscow. Civil husband of the singer businessman Alexey Nusinov he brought his beloved to the clinic.Before the childbirth ultrasound showed that the fetus in the womb is wrong, so the doctors decided to perform a cesarean section. Fortunately, the surgery went well, and healthy firstborn of Irsen soon found himself in the hands of caring doctors. Then the woman was transferred to intensive therapy, where for six hours, she was recovering from anesthesia and surgery.When it became clear that the health of the young singer is not in danger, it arranged in a separate comfortable room. Source: Favorite "fabricante" Pugacheva gave birth to a son. . Читать полностью -->

Abdulov in horror from a new treatment

Abdulov in horror from a new treatmentAlexander Abdulov in spite of the serious diagnosis is not giving up and determined to cope with the disease. However, now the actor is of concern not only their own health, but also how it is reported in the press.The artist was horrified from what is described in some Newspapers treatment options, with which he seemed to be trying to win discovered he had cancer of the lung. Most Gavrilovic afraid that trusting people are also treated in similar ways, the newspaper "Arguments and facts"."When they dig in my underwear is one thing," says the actor. But now they went on. Now they publish the names invented by doctors, fictional ways of my treatment. If I am treated. Читать полностью -->

Zhanna Friske tired of casual sex

Zhanna Friske tired of casual sexTo get married is a dream of almost every girl. Loneliness is a problem almost every inhabitant of the modern metropolis. Singer Zhanna Friske loneliness brought to depression.The shortage of real men, it seems, touched and Jeanne Friske. Representatives of the stronger sex, looking to spend the night with her, abundantly, and the serious relationship thing does not get it. As Jeanne admitted one to her friend, she tired of the attention time of suitors who want her only for sex. The singer dreams of family and a loving husband."I don't care who this person is rich or poor, from glamour or simple employee, but at least the employee of the gas station! But to me it is important that he loved me as a person, a woman. Читать полностью -->

The most stylish lady in 2007 was Natalie Portman

The most stylish lady in 2007 was Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman was named the 'most stylishly dressed ladies of 2007". The actress topped the list of the most stylish women in the world, compiled by InStyle magazine, ahead of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Sienna Miller.The representative of InStyle Katrina Szish said: "Natalie Portman is one of those celebrities who have natural beauty. But she also knows a lot about fashion," reports news.com.au.Second place went to drew Barrymore, and the third by her colleague on the film "Charlie's Angels" Cameron Diaz. Penelope Cruz became the fourth, and Jennifer Lopez took fifth place for the style with which she dresses during pregnancy.The star of the movie "the Devil wears Prada" Anne Hataway was so shocked to learn that made the list, what I thought about the error. "I think we need to review the results, but thanks anyway," said Anne.The most stylishly dressed lady of the year 20071. Natalie Portman2. Читать полностью -->

`Ivan` was a student

`Ivan` was a studentParticipant of group "Ivanushki" Kirill Andreev became a student and now actively preparing for the exams. The fact is that, despite a busy touring schedule, he decided to pursue higher education it's not too late.Student of the correspondence Department of the faculty of social administration RSSU Andreev now actively pores over the books and is ready to be put in her first session in the University, the newspaper "Your day". Source: "Ivan" was a student. . . . Читать полностью -->

Ex-wife of pitt poisons Jolie life

Ex-wife of pitt poisons Jolie lifeAngelina Jolie believes that ex-wife, her boyfriend brad pitt Jennifer aniston tries to ruin their relationship. Angelina claims that Jen is friends with pitt's mother Jane and scheming.But most of all angry Jolie is the fact that even during divorce pitt and aniston his parents strongly supported and Jennifer were against Angelina.The pitt family has invited Jennifer to visit for thanksgiving, which is common in America to spend with family. Apparently, Jolie and she would not refuse to come to visit the parents of the boyfriend, but its there no one called. Angry Jolie told brad that their family would never come harmony until his family is not gonna stop being friends with Jennifer. What pitt said that the actions of his "mother is her business and no concern of anybody else".Jennifer aniston and brad pitt divorced in 2005, but since then, Jen and ex-mother-in-law are almost best friends. "Jane sees no reason to end friendship with Jennifer. Читать полностью -->

Mack crossed the road to Dima Bilan

Mack crossed the road to Dima BilanSinger of songs of his own composition, acting under a male name Maxim (aka Marina Maksimova, aka Marina Abrosimova), have been universally acclaimed and crowned with many awards as the best selling artist.According to information cited in the media, her debut album "Hard age" has sold one million two hundred thousand copies, while sales of the second album "My Paradise" on the first day alone amounted to half a million discs. However, these undeniable seemingly achieve unexpectedly questioned businessman Viktor Baturin, who sponsored Dima Bilan and collaborated on production of his albums with the same company "Gala records" that promotes Maxim, writes "Express newspaper".- All these things Alexandra Blinova from "Gala records", who is trying to make Maksim popular singer, of course, not very honest, " said Viktor. - What she does, is complete garbage. It doesn't have anything unique - no vocal, no music, no texts, no appearance. It is a small club. On stadium singer she does not pull.And the stories "Gala records" about the millions of readers... Читать полностью -->

Machine Zemfira has a terrible accident

Machine Zemfira has a terrible accidentPremonition not deceived Zemfira: she struck out from the program of the concert the song "We are broken", but could not prevent a car accident. Sent after her car got into a terrible accident.Anxiety never left the singer all two days that she spent at lake Baikal. As you fly to Irkutsk, "the girl-scandal" demanded a heavy guard. Eight big boys a wall got in the way of everyone who tried to get closer to the rocker.The singer was rehearsing with the band for almost two hours. Was nervous: she always seemed all wrong. In just a few minutes before the concert in a nightclub Zemfira suddenly changed the program.She struck off the list of songs one of the downhole compositions "We are broken". Читать полностью -->

Tatiana Bulanova chooses between two spouses

Tatiana Bulanova chooses between two spousesWe have already written about what singer Tatyana Bulanova starred in the melodrama "Love can be". The heroine Tatyana Bulanova in the story we have to choose between two men. And the newly minted actress on the set had to change the spouse.However, according to the Bulanova, husband Vlad Radimov had nothing against her participation in explicit scenes."We haven't decided whether we will kiss in the final," said Tatiana, " but the characters will remain together.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Avril Lavigne wears men's underwear

Avril Lavigne wears men's underwear"This is a boxers my husband - young babe showed delighted photographers their original clothes.- When I in them, then it seems to me that Derek is always there, he hugs me, even when we travel to different countries on tour".Interestingly, and husband musician Avril Derek Whibley during her visits, forced to wear her panties? Source: Avril Lavigne wears men's underwear. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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