Chekhov staged a sex Orgy at its 30-year anniversary (photo, video)

Chekhov staged a sex Orgy at its 30-year anniversary (photo, video)Popular TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov made a real sex Orgy at the Banquet on the occasion of their thirtieth anniversary.The game is on the line the media personality drew many famous people. So, resident of Comedy Club Alexander A. Revva even had an orgasm from... communication with Python. And a birthday cake in the form of the marriage bed, if it could speak, it certainly would have earned on the distribution of an exclusive interview about his sex with TV celebrity millions!The birthday girl-TV presenter was born in the year of the Snake, so the celebration vermin swarmed everywhere.It all started, in fact, innocent entertainment. Revva pretended that "lights" Python, releasing the smoke from his mouth. Читать полностью -->

Fans of the Klitschko brothers stole panties from their idols

Fans of the Klitschko brothers stole panties from their idolsNot so long ago the Klitschko brothers arrived in Moscow for the filming of a promotional video. Although their visit was kept secret, fans still met the famous boxers in the capital airport.Receiving from Vladimir and Vitali autographs, the fans began to moan some thing to memory. Klitschko had to unpack one of the bags and give the girls new poster calendars with their image, reports the newspaper "Moscow correspondent".The loss of personal belongings and sports orange satin panties - brothers found already on the video. Because of this I had to change sports style boxers. In addition, it was also missing part of sports equipment and underwear athletes, which, as it turned out, was not quite fresh."Apparently, all the things was taken just at the moment when we were handing out posters - shrugs Directorate athletes. - It is possible that the crush is specially arranged to get them something more substantial calendars".Note that the briefs of the Klitschko brothers - a thing not cheap. Читать полностью -->

Stotsky arranged fiance love `in French`

Stotsky arranged fiance love `in French`After the country singer and her boyfriend Alexei Sekirin admitted that passion for each other they broke out with renewed vigor.- No wonder Paris is called the city of love, smiles Nastya. - Cambridge judge so well rested! It was a real honeymoon!The holidays are a sweet couple lasted only four days, but it was enough that the "red beast" were filled with positive energy.- I feel like a fly! - said "TD" Nastya. - Despite the incidents that have happened to us in Paris, I am full of love and happy!VacationIn Paris Anastasia and Alex first visited Versailles and Montmartre. A whole day devoted wife to visit Disneyland.- But the Louvre we could not find, they, - said Anastasia. - There all the time it was closed. Generally, tourists who are going to France, I want to give one piece of advice - please be patience! After all, to see the local sights, it is necessary to stand in a long queue. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears had an argument with a friend-paparazzi

Britney Spears had an argument with a friend-paparazziBritney Spears, to the delight of their loved ones, finally ended the affair with a British photographer Adnan Galiba. The last time the couple appeared together everywhere, but now the singer no longer wants to see her boyfriend-the paparazzi.Moreover, the star was asked to draw up the documents, according to which the photographer is prohibited to approach her. The cause of the wrath of Britney Spears was the desire Ghalib to cash in on her fame.As it turned out, the photographer received money from colleagues for the sale of exclusive photos. Now 26-year-old Spears spends time with other photographers. Two she even invited home to have fun and drink champagne, the newspaper Sun."She thought Adnan was her knight in shining armor. He had earned her trust by protecting her from photographers and what was a friendly face in a difficult period for her. Читать полностью -->

Several versions of the death of Alexander Dedyushko

Several versions of the death of Alexander DedyushkoAs we have already mentioned, the police have several versions of the death of actor Alexander Dedyushko. The investigation is not finished yet, but the basic version of tragedy have operatives already have.Recall that terrible accident that claimed the lives of actor Alexander Dedyushko, his wife Svetlana and son Dima, happened on Saturday evening in the Vladimir region. 109-m kilometer of the highway Moscow-Ufa car actor has left on an oncoming lane and collided with a truck. Alexander and his family were killed on the spot.The case about the accident gave in Petushki district Department of internal Affairs of Vladimir region. Employees of the local branch of the traffic police say that one of the causes of the accident could become the road itself.Heavy traffic, lack of separation barrier and the temptation of drivers to overtake on the wrong side of other cars often become causes of accidents."This is not the first such accident, - speak in traffic police, - they happen here on a regular basis."The investigation will take at least two months," said an employee of the propaganda Department of the regional traffic police Mikhail Maslov. - The machine is so broken that it is impossible to say whether she was in good condition. Читать полностью -->

Kelly brook: the Secret of my figure - in sex

Kelly brook: the Secret of my figure - in sexBritish model and actress Kelly brook told the magazine Company about the secret to her figure, the way to return the relationship to its former passion and about their hidden phobias.The question of how she manages to maintain her perfect figure, the 27-year-old beauty said that the secret to... sex! "Sex is the most wonderful and useful thing in the world!" said Kelly. It helps her to be healthy and toned. Recall, by simple mathematical calculations, scientists from Texas and Gdansk universities have found that the proportions of the Brits are etalonnage. The first stated that the ratio of waist and hips Brooke equal to 0.705, and this value (the result of dividing the waist size on the volume sirloin) is considered ideal. The poles brought that true beauties waist should be a third already priests and three-quarters less than the bust. Читать полностью -->

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