Monica Bellucci undressed for erotic shots

Monica Bellucci undressed for erotic shots Movie star proved yet again that beauty is a terrible force. Over 43-year-old Monica was not power even ruthless time: elegant shape of an Italian and now can compete with the advantages of the twenty-year old starlet."I first saw my Breasts, and then me. With 15 years I tried to prove to others that, in addition to rounded shapes, I also have the brains, " complained Monica in between photo shoots, and tried to hide his body. However with age, I realized that it was useless. Now I don't care. If you would like to think that I'm stupid, think. Читать полностью -->

Dana Borisova bad cold

Dana Borisova bad coldTo a well-known TV presenter Dana Borisova has arrived "fast".31-year-old Dana has strongly caught a cold, but doctors categorically did not want.The young woman was treated with antibiotics, but the effect of them, alas, were not given. Call the ambulance, the media personality decided only when she had a high fever and began coughing.Having examined the patient, the doctors invited the star to recuperate in the hospital, but she refused, citing a busy work schedule. The doctors had to give the famous blonde. They brought down her temperature and prescribed medication. Source: Dana Borisova bad cold. . Читать полностью -->

Kadyrov presented Sergey Zverev watch for 100 thousand euros

Kadyrov presented Sergey Zverev watch for 100 thousand eurosMore recently, the king of glamour - Sergey Zverev came from Chechnya, where he went with the stars of our show business at the State level event. In Moscow "star is back in complete shock"!!!Zvereva was shocked by the gift that he presented Ramzan Kadyrov personally:- I gave a lot of fans and admirers, even diamonds gave. Were ridiculous and the gifts he once gave me a huge portrait, which portrayed like me! But the one that was in the portrait is totally not like me! Fans like it, they painted with love, and I hate to refuse. I then did not know where this thing to attach, but I don't care I love it, because presented with love. And here such gift that the star in shock!Ramzan Kadyrov gave me the watch, the approximate cost of which as many as 100,000 euros - says Sergey Zverev, Is a gift, who not only is expensive by itself, so it also incredibly responsible! This is my first gift from the government, because, in principle, from presidents or country I have never and no one gave! And with this gift, and even from the Kadyrov, I did not expect! This, to me, like a bolt from heaven! I am enormously grateful to Ramzan - Star in shock!PR-Agency "Success" Source: Kadyrov presented Sergey Zverev watch for 100 thousand euros. . Читать полностью -->

Father in law had sent Princess Diana a monstrous letters

Father in law had sent Princess Diana a monstrous lettersThe trial in the case of the death of Princess Diana has already led to the publication of a considerable number of sensational details, down to the secret intentions of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II left the throne in favor of his heir.The main part of the controversial information came from people who are in the process act as witnesses. One of them is Dr. Simone Simmons - recently made public the private correspondence of lady Di, she received from Prince Philip, consort of Queen.It turned out the Duke of Edinburgh had sent the wife of Prince Charles letters monstrous content is offensive, degrading, violent and threatening.Simon Simmons, speaking in a courtroom, called himself "a confidant of the Princess," noting that her medical services Diana used to relieve stress shortly before his tragic death. Mrs. Simmons specializes in psychic-energy impact, the techniques of Ayurveda, correction biofield patients by imposition of hands and other methods of alternative medicine.The witness stated that during the therapy sessions, lady Di was read to her two letters, the author of which was the husband of Elizabeth II, Philip Mountbatten. "She was very scared and shocked," said the court physician, which since 1993 has advised Diana personally five times a week, not counting conversations on the phone, one of which, according to Simmons, lasted about ten hours. Читать полностью -->

Dennis Rodman slapped the barmaid for negligence

Dennis Rodman slapped the barmaid for negligenceA former employee at Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas Sarah Robinson filed against the former basketball player Dennis Rodman a lawsuit, accusing him of insulting.Reports history of the incident for quite a long time. This happened in March 2006 in one of the bars. Rodman (apparently thirsty), desperate to attract the attention of the barmaid tried to get on the bar. After that, Robinson Willy-nilly, yet drew on the brawler attention (given the size of Starscream, this is, in General, of course), and walked up to him.Of Rodman so happy with such favor that he just didn't know how to Express my gratitude to Sarah. As stated in the petition, Dennis drew barmaid to himself and began to RUB against it with your body". The woman tried to escape, and then a former athlete smacked her on the buttocks.All anything, but for Robinson, this slap was not the main trouble associated with lanky tattooed guest. Читать полностью -->

Maurice Bejart urgently hospitalized

Maurice Bejart urgently hospitalizedFrench choreographer Maurice Bejart was taken to a hospital in Switzerland, AFP reported citing the authorities of Lausanne. This is the second hospitalization famous French choreographer for the last month.According to the statement of the attending physicians Bejart, he will have to undergo treatment because of problems with the heart and kidneys, RIA "Novosti".The choreographer, who was 80 years old, had less time to devote to the art because of health problems. The last two decades bГ©jart is the head of the Lausanne bГ©jart Ballet"."Master of the ballet Maurice Bejart performs on stage since 1948, and since the early 50-ies makes plays, famous around the world. BГ©jart created and delivered more than one hundred ballets, wrote five books.Many years of cooperation bind Maurice bГ©jart with the great Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. He put her ballet Isadora, as well as several solo concert for her performances. The most famous among them "the Vision of rose" and "Ave Maya". Читать полностью -->

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