Galkin was making a fool of yourself for the sake of Pelsh

Galkin was making a fool of yourself for the sake of PelshMaksim Galkin is constantly in the spotlight. His close friendship with Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, of course, spurred not his popularity ratings. But without solid friends artist draws all the attention to himself.Tuesday at the regular shooting of the project "Ice age" Galkin was a judge and not allowed to work quietly for the rest of the arbitrators. Maxim planted between the Chairman of the jury coach Tatiana Tarasova and Olympic champion Svetlana Zhurova.At first all went as usual, skaters demonstrated the wonders of technique and artistry. This time the topic was France. By a curious coincidence, on this day, the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy has arrived with official visit to Russia.By tacit agreement, in the project special attention from the jury takes the artistry of the athletes, and not a technique. Читать полностью -->

Jack Nicholson in front of everyone kissed the fan

Jack Nicholson in front of everyone kissed the fanThe years go by, and 70-year-old Jack Nicholson is still young at heart. The other day he made all the tabloid reporters literally adhere to their cameras in front of them he kissed two of his loyal fans - a mother and her daughter.Truly, you never know who you'll encounter on the street - the family of Polenov and could not think that can easily meet their idol is not on the red carpet, and in the middle of Piccadilly. And if a 64-year-old Wendy and 38-year-old Leslie would say that beloved actor will shower them with kisses, they would certainly have laughed in the face of the predictor. But that is exactly what happened to the delight of both women and around Hollywood legend reporters.The piquancy of the situation was the fact that this scene was watched by husband Leslie - Phil Poulton. However, if in the normal situation husbands, to put it mildly, I protest against their wives kissing strange men, this case was clearly from another series: Phil downright glowed with happiness, seeing whose kiss was awarded to his wife. To journalists, he enthusiastically said: "When I approached him and said that my wife's mother is his biggest fan, he immediately grabbed my wife and started kissing her. Читать полностью -->

Knightley hides bandaged wrist

Knightley hides bandaged wristTheatrical Moscow agitated by the terrible news, which came from Penza: allegedly Konstantin Khabensky on tour tried to open his veins. In Penza, where he played in the play "Caligula", the actor strongly conceal his bandaged wrist of the right hand long sleeve jacket.And at the end of a theatre performance, the right-hander Khabensky lit up and even signed autographs with his left hand.KhabenskyAs we already mentioned, now in the family of Constantine difficult life situation - the actor's wife Anastasia, recently gave birth to a son, she underwent complicated surgery to remove a brain tumor. Still she is in one clinic, and the child in the other. Compounded by the fact that Khabensky under the contract is necessary to go on tour. Separation from loved ones and closest people in the world for him, of course, unbearable.The correspondent of "Your DAY" asked Khabensky, whether the basis of the rumors about his attempt to open his veins."Well, Kostya, happened to you actually? How truthful conversations about trying to settle scores with life?Khabensky sighed and hid his bandaged hand in his pocket.- I would not like to speak now on this subject, sorry, " he replied quietly, his eyes filled with tears.Before the performance, the artist came to a simple Russian woman and presented him with an icon. She said she specifically went to the temple, where he ordered the priest a prayer for the health of Anastasia.One of the producers of the play "Caligula" rumors, though dwelling in depression due to serious illness of the wife of the actor slit his wrists that he called "unfounded".- This is not a suicide attempt, believe me, " he said. Читать полностью -->

Published early works by Vladimir Sorokin

Published early works by Vladimir SorokinIn publishing house "AST" a new book by Vladimir Sorokin, which included early works of the author, writes "Kommersant". Known to readers of works in the collection will appear in the short story "Swim", which gave the name of the book and the story "the morning of the sniper.A big part included in a collection of short stories and novels written in the late 1970's and early 1980-ies. They are not published by publishing house "Ad Marginem", which previously worked with Sorokin, were published abroad and were not included in the national collection. One of the first name of the collection - Pink tuber".In 1985 Sorokin's novel "the Turn" and six of his stories were published in France. The first publication of prose author in the USSR were several short stories published in the Riga magazine "Spring" in November 1989. In the opinion already familiar with the new journalists of "Kommersant", included in "the Swim" works have not lost their relevance, although "I spent about 30 years in the desktop. Читать полностью -->

Bridget powers - star strawberries growth 120 cm

Bridget powers - star strawberries growth 120 cm To be able to walk, actress Bridget powers survived 13 complex operations at the age of four. Today she is the star of indie porn with lots of fans across the planet.Powers (better known under the pseudonym Bridget the Midget or "Bridget the Midget") - Gothic exotic "adult", who managed to prove that "Shorty" in the porn industry can not only be marginal treats for three perverts, but the real pop stars. "I always knew that I would become a sex symbol, - says Bridget. - Recesivas in front of the mirror, I see a sexy little thing with two little legs.". . . Читать полностью -->

Wife Baskov feels bad about the divorce

Wife Baskov feels bad about the divorceStill the legal spouse of Nikolay Baskov admitted that it is very painful given the separation from her husband. The main cause of suffering is the hype that has arisen around such a personal affair."You know, because what we have going on with the lines, unfortunately, it happens all over the world with many, - says Svetlana. - We were no exception. Would love it to misinterpret the yellow press, and was served the way it is. To strangers does not cause so much pain!". . Читать полностью -->

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