Angelina Jolie skinny jealousy

Angelina Jolie skinny jealousyAngelina and brad pitt really want to have another baby... but I can't. The fact is that from severe psychological trauma after Angelina's mother's death, she's so thin that even now can not get pregnant.Here are just a no one can really understand what is the true cause of the depletion of Jolie. According to the actress, it's still in the mother; someone argues that it in pills. Yet there is speculation that Angelina Jolie some serious health problems.About six months ago to print out the terrible images of the arms of the star and her neck. They were horrible veins, and then looked herself Angie was very tired and sick.Before the doctor told angelina about the impossibility of conceiving a child, a celebrity was sure that she was pregnant.Now Angelina Jolie and brad pitt are raising four children (three adopted and shared daughter Shiloh Nouvel). Читать полностью -->

Near Yekaterinburg found the remains of Tsar's children

Near Yekaterinburg found the remains of Tsar's childrenThe state office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation as the principal considers the version that was found this year near Yekaterinburg "Royal remains" belong to the children of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II - Alex and Maria Romanov.This was announced Tuesday at a press conference in Yekaterinburg senior investigator-criminalist Prosecutor General Vladimir Solovyov."DNA is possible. Today we conducted the research - what kind of elements (of the bones) it can be done in the best way. Judging by the results, we found such fragments", - said the head of the research branch laboratory of DNA recognition of the armed forces of the United States Michael cobbles on Tuesday.As reported participating in a press conference the Director of the Laboratory for human identification (USA) Anthony Falsetti, "the condition of the bones is different - from good to not so good." "Most of the bones allows us to conduct research which we plan (molecular genetic analysis)," said Falcetti.Cobbles also added that at the moment greatly advanced the technology of extracting DNA. "If the first examination in 1991 we had 4 genetic marker, it is currently standard genetic analysis includes 16 markers. Thus, we can obtain much more precise results," he said.According to the cobbles, in the first stage, experts will extract DNA, then it will perform genetic tests that can take several weeks. "Then compare with the standard DNA that we have. Читать полностью -->

Watercolor castle valued at $5.2 million

Watercolor castle valued at $5.2 millionWatercolour "Castle of Bamboo" painted by British artist William Turner exhibited at London auction Sotheby's with an estimate of 5.2 million dollars (ВЈ2.5 million). The work belongs to the family of American Industrialists of the Vanderbilts 1890-ies, according to Bloomberg. The auction will take place on 5 December 2007.The most expensive watercolor Turner ever sold under the hammer, it was worth 5.8 million pounds ($11 million). This record was set in 2006. In the same year, and oil painting British landscape painter set his record: one of his Venetian views was sold for $ 35.8 million in new York.In 2007, the work of Turner for the first time ceased to rise. The best private collection of his watercolors owned by a Belgian collector Baron Ullens, was sold within a conservative estimate of over 21.6 million dollars, and two valuable of the lot and remained unclaimed. Читать полностью -->

Wife actor became a neighbor of brad pitt

Wife actor became a neighbor of brad pittTreatment Anastasia Khabensky in an elite hospital Los Angeles ' cedars-Sinai gives positive results since the course of procedures she is feeling much better. But in the last days in the hospital became restless.Day and night on duty at the gate the crowd of movie fans, and all because of one of the chambers entered himself brad pitt.However, behave groupies Hollywood superstar and although noisy, but it is peaceful, and quiet the rest of the patients did not violate.Most of the time they spend behind the production of posters with wishes for a speedy recovery to his idol, which takes place at the insistence of the doctors of the next scheduled examination.NastyaAfter just ten days of treatment, wife of Konstantin Khabensky much has changed: gone greenish tint of the face, dark circles under the eyes, the sick woman became even occasionally smile."Your DAY" already wrote that immediately after removal of the tumor on the brain Konstantin took his wife abroad for treatment. On the recommendation of a family friend Chet Khabensky have chosen one of the best hospitals and clinics of America - "cedars-Sinai". There she was examined by the Director of the Institute of neurosurgery Dr. Keith black.American doctors appreciated, Nastia's condition as serious but stable, although it is over two months had two complicated operations to remove lesions. In the clinic Nastya comes twice a day, morning and evening. Читать полностью -->

Valeria decided to `outdo` Madonna

Valeria decided to `outdo` MadonnaSinger, a respectable mother of three children, was filmed half-naked in an erotic video clip along with a few beauties-lesbians. And, they say, she, along with her husband, producer Iosif Prigozhin left Russia.Its goal is to conquer the discerning European audience.To record an English album, shooting three music videos and advertising campaign, the couple has already spent about $ 2 million from its own funds. Name at least one Russian artist, are willing to part with that money but for the sake of illusive success in the West.Russian stars easy to spend money on anything but your own creativity, you lose in the casino, buy expensive cars, real estate, which then rent or resell. So step Valeria and Joseph Prigogine looks unprecedented, the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".- Are you going in case of success, to settle permanently abroad?Valeria: Even if we will be successful in Europe, we are not going to stay there for permanent residence. Too deeply rooted in their country. I have my parents here, my audience. Читать полностью -->

Carmen Electra has released a new video textbook on the strip (frames)

Carmen Electra has released a new video textbook on the strip (frames)Carmen Electra has released a second DVD, where "clearly" proves that the strip is the best way to keep yourself in good shape.A new training programme Striptease from star fever police man Malibu is a sequel to her bestselling "Strip aerobics" and "Strip fitness", says The Sun. The new part has a promising subtitle "In the bedroom" and offers a set of exercises that can be done from the comfort of your own apocaly that, on the one hand, to burn extra calories and to feel more relaxed and sexy. According Aced Magazine, Carmen chose a very sound approach: according to her methods can deal with both novice and already trained in aerobics (or strippers...).75-minute program consists of 3 parts - from the warm-up before pinning "passed". ELEKTRA slowly shows every movement, explaining exactly how to do it. Of course, the actress-trainer name justifies his DVD perhaps the most erotic of all the video on fitness (see gallery). Source: Carmen Electra has released a new video textbook on the strip (frames). Читать полностью -->

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