Elizabeth II is the most stylish woman of the world

Elizabeth II is the most stylish woman of the worldVogue have included Queen Elizabeth II, in "Full list of stylish women of our time", which will be published in the December issue of the magazine, writes The Telegraph.According to the compilers of the list, 81-year-old Elizabeth looks equally impressive both in boots and scarves... and jewels from the Royal Treasury".In addition to the English Queen, in a list of 50 names included models Kate moss and Naomi Campbell, architect Zaha Hadid (Zaha Hadid) and actress Helen Mirren (Helen Mirren), who received the award "Oscar" for her role as Elizabeth II in "the Queen". Source: Elizabeth II is the most stylish woman of the world. . . . Читать полностью -->

Valeria left their children in Russia

Valeria left their children in RussiaLondon will be the starting point in the conquest of the Western pop scene Russian singer Valeria, in the British capital, she flew on 17 January with her husband, producer and assistant chief Joseph Prigozhin."England is the capital of world music, and what is accepted in England, is automatically adopted in the European community", - said in an interview with RIA Novosti singer, who in early October 2007 announced the cancellation of all tour dates for 2008 and the beginning of a crusade to the West."Before the concert in London is still far. First released singles, then we will be releasing the album, will be on promotion: radio, television, advertising. After that all you can think about the concert," said Valeria.Valeria thoroughly prepared to open a new page in his career - an album with the working title Out of control, which will appear in Russia approximately on March 1, will be released in two versions - English and Russian."I have this album very proud of. Let's see how he gets to London," added Valerie.In addition, all of 2008, pop diva will spend in Europe - most of my time in the UK, but plans to visit Germany and France. In Russia, the singer will appear only on individual corporate performances. For its part, Prigogine noted that "whenever possible, we will come to Moscow every weekend, because there will remain our children, and on Monday we will go back to work.". Читать полностью -->

Carmen Electra seduces men by their shapes

Carmen Electra seduces men by their shapes Carmen Electra - Her stage name Carmen Electra chose after the Prince in 1991, told her that she looks like Carmen.C nine years Carmen was studying in the Art School. At fifteen, Carmen Electra has already performed in Los Angeles, and at 19 signed a contract with Paisley Park Records. Source: Carmen Electra seduces men by their shapes (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie - the most generous Hollywood star

Angelina Jolie - the most generous Hollywood starAngelina Jolie has topped the ranking of the celebrities who made the largest contribution to humanitarian activities. According to a recent poll on the website Reuters AlertNet, the star has achieved such recognition as a goodwill Ambassador of the UN.Also in the ranking were marked charity of merit leader of U2 Bono, Archbishop Desmond tutu and the founder of Microsoft and famous philanthropist bill gates.On the contrary, Madonna made the list of the most odious figures, despite her work to raise money for orphans in the African country of Malawi. According to experts, such an attitude to the Madonna was caused by a scandal at a recent adoption of its African boy, when the singer walked the laws of the country due to its popularity and wealth.As noted on the website, the survey results emphasize that Jolie has managed in just a few short years to turn from a tattooed, incontinent sex of feticide in humanitarian character.As for Madonna, many of the voters of the respondents could not fail to note that her charity work was tainted by scandal with the adoption of a little African. The survey polled more than 600 people from around the world. Note that respondents are unable to agree on the assessment of charitable activities, Bono, and as a result, he found himself in the list of the most odious figures in the camp of the benefactors.Benefactors of humanity1.Angelina Jolie2. Bono3. Читать полностью -->

Died the head of the Greek Orthodox Church

Died the head of the Greek Orthodox ChurchThe head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens died at the age of 69 from liver cancer.Archbishop Christodoulos was a striking figure. He was elected Primate in 1998.Advocated the exclusive role of the Church in the life of the country. For example, he opposed the exception of the column "religion" of IDs.At the same time he advocated a rapprochement between the Orthodox and Catholic churches. In 2006, Archbishop Christodoulos met with the Pope. This was the first meeting of the representatives of the two churches at this level.Then there were the reports that the hierarchs discussed the possibilities to overcome the Great schism of the Christian Church in 1054.Was diagnosed in June 2007. Last year in Florida the Archbishop tried to transplant the liver, but the operation was unsuccessful, reports the BBC.Greek Church - Autocephalous local Orthodox Church, acts on the territory of Greece. Читать полностью -->

British Airways changed the apology to the accusations: Bure was drunk

British Airways changed the apology to the accusations: Bure was drunkOn Tuesday, the appeals of the Moscow city court upheld the recovery of 67 thousand roubles with British Airways in favor of the famous in the recent past, Russian hockey player Pavel Bure for his wrongful removed from the plane.Thus, the court dismissed the cassation appeal as airline and Storm, the protection of which was trying to increase the amount of compensation, RIA Novosti reported.Meanwhile, the British airline withdrew those previously given apologies for the removal from the flight in October 2006 at the airport "Domodedovo". And, moreover, accused Bure in finding during the incident in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, informs the Agency "All sport".We will remind that on October 31, 2006 Pavel Bure was expelled from the cabin of a British Airways plane due to the fact that the pilot took the athlete for a football hooligan and refused to lift the Board into the air. In the end, he lost almost a day, waiting for the next flight. In response, the hockey player has made airline damages. Tver court of Moscow ruled in favour of Bure 57 thousand as compensation for material damage and 10 thousand - moral. Meanwhile, the hockey player in the lawsuit demanded from the company 20 million rubles. Читать полностью -->

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