Gerard Depardieu presented in Moscow its Anjou wine

Gerard Depardieu presented in Moscow its Anjou wineFamous actor Gerard Depardieu has presented in Moscow its Anjou wines, which in November will appear on the Russian market. "I am very happy that now my wine from the Chateau de tine will be sold in your beautiful country", - said the artist on meet the press."Bonjour," he greeted Gerard journalists and then added in English: "Hello!" A press conference was delayed for an hour, and the actor took the opportunity to apologize. "In Moscow today, the fog, and my plane could not land", he explained.The actor admitted that he is extremely touched by the love with which it is always welcomed in Russia. "And I'm by nature very similar to Russian, I can relate to your newannot, you too, you're like a wind that you cannot control," said Depardieu. After a short preamble Gerard told about the main purpose of his current visit to Russia - the beginning of sales of its wines. Source: Gerard Depardieu presented in Moscow its Anjou wine. Читать полностью -->

Michael Mann filmed a book about the death of Litvinenko

Michael Mann filmed a book about the death of LitvinenkoFamous Hollywood Director Michael Mann (Michael Mann) will shoot the film about the former employee of FSB Alexander Litvinenko.About it reports AFP, on Thursday announced the members of the Foundation Litvinenko, who founded Boris Berezovsky.Film production, according to representatives of the Fund, will Studio Columbia Pictures. Scenario picture will be based on the book "death of a dissident", written by Litvinenko's widow Marina and his friend Alex Goldfarb. Earlier it was reported that the film rights to the book were bought by Columbia Pictures for 500 thousand dollars.Michael Mann was the Director of such films as "Fight" (Heat, 1995) with al Pacino and Robert De Niro, "Ali" (Ali, 2001) with will Sieve and "Partner" (Collateral, 2004) with Tom cruise.Alexander Litvinenko died on 23 November 2006 in a London hospital. In the course of the investigation into his death revealed that he was poisoned by a large dose of radioactive polonium-210. Source: Michael Mann filmed a book about the death of Litvinenko. . Читать полностью -->

Stars on Christmas Eve wondering for future suitors

Stars on Christmas Eve wondering for future suitors"Every evening Epiphany girls were wondering..." So it became a custom in Russia that January 18 is the most important day of the Christmas divination. From the earliest times to the eve of the Epiphany girl - those of marriageable age, is guessing at the suitors, how much will they have children or mother-in-law and what they will get.The current stars are no exception.For example, the beauty of the group "Factory" (all, incidentally, unmarried) every year during the Yuletide arrange gatherings. Irina Toneva told "KP", as you can tell fortunes on the groom with a towel:- For the night or hang out the window white towel to the future groom was visible! And you say, "true love is a fake, come and utrica". If in the morning because the window you get a completely dry towel, then sit you on the shelf, but if the towel is wet, it is possible to be married.And Sasha Savelyev revealed to us the secret of divination with the boat:- Divination you will need a standard basin of water. On the sides of the pelvis to attach the paper with different wishes. Then take half a walnut shell and set into it a small piece of candle. Читать полностью -->

Moses brought Brylska to a nervous breakdown

Moses brought Brylska to a nervous breakdownThe shooting of the program "Two stars" recently't go without incidents of different severity.First, Alla Pugacheva fell down the stairs and hurt her leg, then from a height fell Garik Kharlamov, and recently became ill one of the members of the jury - the Polish actress Barbara Brylska.Famous actress brought heart. She got very emotional after the speech of Boris Moiseev and Elena Sparrow that had to be immediately served with a valocordin.Room Boris and Elena was really touching. The singer proposed to his companion to do his old hit "Mute love". This performance touched the judges to the core, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."You know, nothing better in my life, I had not heard Me... this song is so shocked..." said Barbara Brylska, brushing away a tear.On the panel directed immediately received an emergency message: "the butcher and Brylska bad! My heart was pounding nerves. Urgently bring the jury valocordin".The shooting continued only after accustomation judges came to their senses. Читать полностью -->

Favorite `fabricante` Pugacheva gave birth to a son

Favorite `fabricante` Pugacheva gave birth to a sonThe graduate of "factory of stars" and the favourite of Alla Pugacheva, Irsen Kudikova gave birth to the firstborn.Baby weighing 3 kilograms 50 grams and 50 cm were born in one of the luxury maternity hospitals of Moscow. Civil husband of the singer businessman Alexey Nusinov he brought his beloved to the clinic.Before the childbirth ultrasound showed that the fetus in the womb is wrong, so the doctors decided to perform a cesarean section. Fortunately, the surgery went well, and healthy firstborn of Irsen soon found himself in the hands of caring doctors. Then the woman was transferred to intensive therapy, where for six hours, she was recovering from anesthesia and surgery.When it became clear that the health of the young singer is not in danger, it arranged in a separate comfortable room. Source: Favorite "fabricante" Pugacheva gave birth to a son. . Читать полностью -->

Abdulov in horror from a new treatment

Abdulov in horror from a new treatmentAlexander Abdulov in spite of the serious diagnosis is not giving up and determined to cope with the disease. However, now the actor is of concern not only their own health, but also how it is reported in the press.The artist was horrified from what is described in some Newspapers treatment options, with which he seemed to be trying to win discovered he had cancer of the lung. Most Gavrilovic afraid that trusting people are also treated in similar ways, the newspaper "Arguments and facts"."When they dig in my underwear is one thing," says the actor. But now they went on. Now they publish the names invented by doctors, fictional ways of my treatment. If I am treated. Читать полностью -->

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