Chekhov staged a sex Orgy at its 30-year anniversary (photo, video)

Chekhov staged a sex Orgy at its 30-year anniversary (photo, video)Popular TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov made a real sex Orgy at the Banquet on the occasion of their thirtieth anniversary.The game is on the line the media personality drew many famous people. So, resident of Comedy Club Alexander A. Revva even had an orgasm from... communication with Python. And a birthday cake in the form of the marriage bed, if it could speak, it certainly would have earned on the distribution of an exclusive interview about his sex with TV celebrity millions!The birthday girl-TV presenter was born in the year of the Snake, so the celebration vermin swarmed everywhere.It all started, in fact, innocent entertainment. Revva pretended that "lights" Python, releasing the smoke from his mouth. To the question: "What do you feel?" resident blurted out: "Orgasm!".

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