Fans of the Klitschko brothers stole panties from their idols

Fans of the Klitschko brothers stole panties from their idolsNot so long ago the Klitschko brothers arrived in Moscow for the filming of a promotional video. Although their visit was kept secret, fans still met the famous boxers in the capital airport.Receiving from Vladimir and Vitali autographs, the fans began to moan some thing to memory. Klitschko had to unpack one of the bags and give the girls new poster calendars with their image, reports the newspaper "Moscow correspondent".The loss of personal belongings and sports orange satin panties - brothers found already on the video. Because of this I had to change sports style boxers. In addition, it was also missing part of sports equipment and underwear athletes, which, as it turned out, was not quite fresh."Apparently, all the things was taken just at the moment when we were handing out posters - shrugs Directorate athletes. - It is possible that the crush is specially arranged to get them something more substantial calendars".Note that the briefs of the Klitschko brothers - a thing not cheap. Last summer at a charity auction in Berlin for this piece of equipment older brothers a German industrialist posted 9 thousand euros (with a starting price of lot 500 Euro). However, those cowards had their own story - in which 23 November 2002 Vitali Klitschko defeated American boxer Larry Donald. Source: Fans of the Klitschko brothers stole panties from their idols.

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