Stotsky arranged fiance love `in French`

Stotsky arranged fiance love `in French`After the country singer and her boyfriend Alexei Sekirin admitted that passion for each other they broke out with renewed vigor.- No wonder Paris is called the city of love, smiles Nastya. - Cambridge judge so well rested! It was a real honeymoon!The holidays are a sweet couple lasted only four days, but it was enough that the "red beast" were filled with positive energy.- I feel like a fly! - said "TD" Nastya. - Despite the incidents that have happened to us in Paris, I am full of love and happy!VacationIn Paris Anastasia and Alex first visited Versailles and Montmartre. A whole day devoted wife to visit Disneyland.- But the Louvre we could not find, they, - said Anastasia. - There all the time it was closed. Generally, tourists who are going to France, I want to give one piece of advice - please be patience! After all, to see the local sights, it is necessary to stand in a long queue. In order to get to the Eiffel tower, we had to endure almost two hours. While standing, lost all desire to go there... But have any other desires! Now I know where will we go if our passions will subside! "winked star. Source: Stotsky arranged fiance love "in French"".

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