Kelly brook: the Secret of my figure - in sex

Kelly brook: the Secret of my figure - in sexBritish model and actress Kelly brook told the magazine Company about the secret to her figure, the way to return the relationship to its former passion and about their hidden phobias.The question of how she manages to maintain her perfect figure, the 27-year-old beauty said that the secret to... sex! "Sex is the most wonderful and useful thing in the world!" said Kelly. It helps her to be healthy and toned. Recall, by simple mathematical calculations, scientists from Texas and Gdansk universities have found that the proportions of the Brits are etalonnage. The first stated that the ratio of waist and hips Brooke equal to 0.705, and this value (the result of dividing the waist size on the volume sirloin) is considered ideal. The poles brought that true beauties waist should be a third already priests and three-quarters less than the bust. These simple mathematical surveys and erected Kelly brook, by the way, constantly repeating that she is against plastic and silicone, in the category of "perfect" beauties. It is now understood that the key to her sovershentsva in quality sex.Model and gave a few tips on how to make the passion never ends. First, says Kelly, is engaged to actor Billy Zane, need more of them to argue with each other, "the More you clarify the relationship! Even if you agree with it, pretend it's not!". According to her, it drives me forward emotionally. Secondly, it is very important in sexual life, the actress believes the lighting in the bedroom. Ideally, this should be the candle or, in extreme cases, adjustable brightness lamp.Speaking about what she most dislikes in people, Brooke talked about the dislike of the girls, seeking just using his appearance, however it certainly doesn't carry) or seeking cheap popularity by any means. "What could be worse than a lifetime to blush for a photo depicting you coming from out of the club and barely stay on his feet!" - added the actress. Source: Kelly brook: the Secret of my figure - in sex.

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