Keira Knightley plays the Duchess adventurer

Keira Knightley plays the Duchess adventurer The British star of "pirates of the Caribbean" he's currently starring in the new historical drama called "the Duchess" ("The Duchess"), writes the Daily Mail today. Footage of it hit the net.The film tells about the events of the 18th century, so the actress to fully enjoy all the delights of the fashions of the time. Kira plays the Duchess of Devonshire. Tall wig, heavy dresses on the crinoline does not give the star to relax yesterday filming in Greenwich, the famous London suburb, every take was given to her with difficulty (see photo).The heroine, played by Knightley - a distant ancestor of Princess Diana. She was a very influential person of the time, concentrating around the most prominent political and literary figures. The socialite was also known for his extravagant lifestyle and adventurous nature.According to rumors, this fall keira Knightley was going to break from movies, but was so impressed by the script of the new film that she agreed. The actress has just finished shooting in the ribbon called "the Border of Love" ("The Edge Of Love") on the life of poet Dylan Thomas, where he also played, Sienna Miller and Matthew Rice. Source: keira Knightley plays the Duchess adventurer (photo).

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