Stas Pieha loses sight

Stas Pieha loses sightNon-singer Stas Pieha broke down and took a cigarette on the set of his new movie. Besides acting he had dark glasses.Eyes Stas could not stand the spotlight, began to tear, and EHA decided to "hide" behind dark glasses. From the bright light he had a bad headache. The tension on the court and contributed to the fact that he started Smoking. Although, perhaps, in terms of Smoking at Stas was influenced by his older colleague Grigory Leps, who also participated in the video, as the video of their duet song "She's not yours".The storyline of no clip. The action was divided into three blocks and three seats: two restaurants and underground Parking. In the first block of the young and trendy casual style Stas Pieha is telling his story in the entourage of the sushi bar. In the second unworldly Grigory Leps, a man in his Prime, sitting in the restaurant is simple but tasteful. A regular feature of Leps was a cloud of smoke: he lighted a cigarette, blew a smoke ring.In the process of filming in the clip introduced a third character - a girl, struillou head to both gentlemen. The role of the "femme fatale" performed model Katerina Vinogradova, in real life bride singer Thomas Greene.Final block of shooting in the underground Parking lot at the Mall, of course, not without the participation of luxury cars. Cars as an extension of domestic male ego, too, were opposed to each other, like the heroes of clip: young passion against maturity wise. Grigory Leps went on "Maserati" cherry color, Stas - Mercedes-convertible color "metallic silver", the press service of the production center of Victor Drobysh, which consists Stas Pieha. Source: Stas Pieha loses sight.

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