Son Jasmine misses her mom

Son Jasmine misses her momSinger Jasmine recently celebrated his birthday in one of the capital's restaurants. Perhaps the main guests of the event were the grandmother of the actress and her son Misha.10-year-old boy is very proud of its stellar mom. But during the feast, he finally admitted that he really suffers for her profession."For the best and beautiful mother," said Misha your toast. Then she said quietly: "When you're home, I feel so good... And when you don't, I feel so bad".By the way, the boy always prepares in advance the gifts for mom. This year with his own money he bought a beautiful house-candle holder and painted it with gouache. This gift Jasmine holds a place of honor in the living room, writes magazine "7 days".Another important guest of the festival was 80-year-old grandmother of the singer from Derbent. By the way, it, like the Jasmine, the name is Sarah. An elderly woman so fervently sang ditties that everyone was excited."Compared with my grandmother Jasmine still in training," he joked Otar cusanelli, who also attended the celebration. Among the star guests were also Katya LEL with her boyfriend Igor, Andrey Malakhov, Oskar Kuchera and many others. Source: Son Jasmine misses her mom.

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