Died star Russian chanson Katya Ogonek

Died star Russian chanson Katya OgonekThe singer died at the age of 30 years in a Moscow hospital after a long illness. Shortly before the Fire was planning to release a new album. Christina Pozharsky (the real name of the singer) since childhood suffered from epilepsy.6 days before death she got into the ICU, where he died from cardiac arrest, according to Zvezdi.ru.Pozharsky was born in Krasnodar Krai, an urban-type settlement Dzhubga. In addition to a comprehensive school, the future singer studied music and ballet. From the age of 16 she began to perform pop songs in school ensembles, dance, pop bands.His career Katya Ogonek started in jail. She was convicted under article 211 part 2 (violation of safety rules and operation of vehicles, entailed death of the victim". Then it was changed to 3 parts - the violation of which entailed death of several persons. the Singer has been in prison for two and a half years, and then it was released under the Amnesty. "Not even for good behavior, and good singing," she said.In prison was a club initiative. There Pozharsky recorded on cassette tape a few songs, mostly pop songs, and gave to their parents. The girl's father took the tape to Moscow, showed the producers of "Soyuz-production". They became interested in a young artist and came to prison, where for two weeks they recorded the album "White taiga". Pozharsky performed songs of the Moscow composer's Fame Klimenkova written specifically for her.The producers do not immediately picked up her repertoire, but, considering her husky voice, realized that pop music is not for her. After his release, the singer has worked with Alexander kalianov and Alexander Morozov. After some time she got her nickname Masha Sha, which was subsequently replaced with the name of Katya Ogonek, and the album "Rubber Vanya", which refers to the record of Mikhail Sheleg "Rubber Zina". She later began working with Viktor Chernyakov. Among the most famous songs of Katya Ogonek - songs "you" and "Way from the beginning." Source: star Died Russian chanson Katya Ogonek.

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