In St. Petersburg died actor Igor Dmitriev

In St. Petersburg died actor Igor DmitrievAt the Comedy theatre of a name of Akimova in St. Petersburg on 81-m to year of life died a famous actor Igor Borisovich Dmitriev. His funeral is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.May 29, 2007, the people's artist of Russia Igor Dmitriev turned 80 years old. Dmitriev was a member of the National Academy of cinema arts and Sciences of Russia, member of the Union of cinematographers and the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, the English club, world club of Petersburgers.The film career of Igor Borisovich began during the great Patriotic war, but he became known after roles in "the Quiet Don" Gerasimov. He played 150 roles on stage and 70 in the movies. Source: St. Petersburg died actor Igor Dmitriev.

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