A rare disease was discovered the genius of Paganini

A rare disease was discovered the genius of PaganiniA genius with the gift to charm the audience with the sounds of the violin, was born in a small Italian town, and at the end of life conquered all of Europe. Rare artist was so popular as Niccolo Paganini.Anyone who has ever heard the sound of his violin, kept this memory until his last days.Two centuries later, it is difficult to imagine how it sounded the most skilled violin violinist in the world: another Paganini humanity is still not received. To describe the playing of virtuoso couldn't be done by the poet."Everything was turned outwards and upwards, forming a huge space available only spiritual, but not with the physical eyes. In the middle of this space was hovering glowing ball, on which stood a giant, proud, majestic man playing the violin. What was that Orb? The sun? I don't know. But in terms of the person I learned Paganini. It was a man-the planet around which with measured solemnity, in the divine rhythm of the whole universe revolved...," wrote Heinrich Heine.In addition to the extraordinary love of music in the life of Paganini was enough space for the prose of life: many did not understand him, many people were jealous, and some revenge.Having lived a short century, the brilliant violinist left a lot of rumors and legends. It happened partly because shocked by his music, people often could not give a rational explanation abilities of the musician. Someone said that his art is the music of heaven, angelic voices, and detractors responded that Paganini in collusion with the other world.Up to the XX century it was rumored that in his youth Niccolo resorted to the surgeon, who had operated on him to increase the flexibility of hands. Guess it is as fantastic as all the other legends collected around the name of Paganini. As is known, amazing musical ability he showed from the very first years of life.Overbearing father Niccolo, realizing the uniqueness of their child, forced him to make music all day, leaving without food. Then many years later, suffering from diseases musician will be remembering the event that left its mark on his life. Niccolo was so emaciated that fell into catalepsy, and parents had almost buried him, considering as dead.Once on the verge of life and death, Paganini takes on an even greater passion for music.Incredible playing technique of the violinist was often attributed to his brush structure. Violin Paganini was able to produce sounds similar to the birds singing, or even human voices. People in the crowd thought that somewhere behind the scenes hidden second violin, playing with the tool of the master.Many haunted unusual appearance of the wizard. According to modern researchers, it is highly flexible thin fingers incredible length could be an external manifestation of the disease. It knew only itself Paganini, Yes its only a faithful doctor.Modern doctors believe that the secret of Paganini's violin technique is partly explained by a rare disease, which suffered a musician. The article American doctor Myron of Shenfeld says Niccolo Paganini suffered from Marfan syndrome caused by a genetic defect of connective tissue. In this disease there defeat of the musculoskeletal system, eyes and internal organs.Appearance a musician coincides with the outward manifestations of the Marfan syndrome: pale skin, deep-set eyes, thin body, awkward movement, "spidery" fingers. When Niccolo went on stage, the audience uninitiated were in disbelief from his awkward figure, but he had to start playing, people forgot about his imperfections.But to say that his extraordinary mastery of Paganini "must" of the disease, it would be a big mistake. Marfan syndrome itself is not conducive to musical talent. Among patients they were outstanding musicians, the only exception was Paganini. The disease at the end of life took away his most important - the ability to play. The last days of Niccolo could only sadly to chord, lying next to a violin. Source: Rare disease revealed the genius of Paganini.

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