Many Hollywood stars didn't live past 30 years

Many Hollywood stars didn't live past 30 yearsHollywood stars mourn the native Australian actor Heath Ledger, who did not live up to 30 years. Portal ABC recalls and other, untimely deceased idols.Australian actress Naomi watts journalists found in the Sundance. She cried when she spoke about Ledger, her ex-boyfriend. Heath and Naomi met from 2002 to 2004, after meeting on the set of the film "Ned Kelly".Another Hollywood star from Australia Nicole Kidman closest friend Naomi. She made a special statement to the press, but said on the phone: "What a terrible tragedy! These days my heart together with family members of Hit".Main Hollywood Aussie Mel Gibson spoke of a promising career Ledger, which has quickly interrupted: "I believed in him a great future. He just started his career and passed away on takeoff. My thoughts and my prayers are with Heath and his family.".

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