Maniac chasing uma Thurman, will put only a year

Maniac chasing uma Thurman, will put only a yearHearing on the case of Jack Jordan, who for two years pursued the famous actress uma Thurman, will take place on 5 February, according to Reuters.36-year-old "fan" is accused of trying to sneak into the trailer stars during filming in Manhattan in 2005, he also repeatedly tried to get in contact with her and get into the new York home of actress. In this case, the offender was acquitted of more serious charges in limiting the freedom of the stars. The Prosecutor insisted on this formulation, based on the letter that Jodan sent Mind. In it he threatened to commit suicide if they see their favorite actress in the company of another man. However, a new York judge found no thoughts of suicide attack on the freedom of another person, so the charges in this case Gorjana were removed.Jack Jordan was arrested in October 2006, but released on bail. Fan-offender faces a year in prison - the final verdict in his case will be handed down on 5 February. A witness at the meeting will be called uma Thurman - looks like this will be his last meeting with the actress at least for the next year. Source: Maniac chasing uma Thurman, will put only a year.

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