Party show `Minute of fame` killed himself with resentment

Party show `Minute of fame` killed himself with resentmentA member of the popular show on channel "Minute of fame" from the Altai region, returning from the program after the jury not missed him in the finals, had committed suicide.About the tragic death of Alexander Malyutin writes the newspaper "Izvestia".56-year-old resident of the village of Altai Alexander Malyutin in the area were known. In 1965 a local newspaper wrote, as he learns simultaneously in two schools, commuting from his village of Saras in music to the district on the ride. Then Alexander entered the Omsk music school, graduated a year and a half and entered the Novosibirsk Conservatory accordion.Piano, guitar, balalaika and accordion Malyutin has mastered himself. Played at any speed, turning the instrument, and the piano and the accordion learned to play yet and toes. Once Malyutin together with his wife Lyudmila taught in Kemerovo College of music, played in Siberian folk chorus named after Valentin Levashov. But in 1982, he left the family, leaving his wife with two small sons. Since 1993 Malyutin taught at the children's art school, then went from there to kindergarten "Firefly".Recent years Malyutin was obsessed with the idea to get into the Guinness Book of records. In 1999 Malyutin he staged a mock test: four hours playing the accordion, standing on my head. January 19, 2000, he went on record seriously. 24 hours of continuous play on piano, accordion, accordion, and guitar, he played 300 pieces of music. The record was recorded on six cassettes. Altai mission of the Altai-Guinness-Force" gave an application to the Russian representative office of the Book of records.But in a treasured Book Alexander Malyutin never got. As it turned out, the Russian representative office in Moscow has not paid the Guinness Book of records the fee in 180 thousand dollars, and since then the British didn't work with it. In the same regions of this fact no one was notified, and the people continued to collect records.In 2004 Malyutin made another attempt to become famous. The Russian book of records "Lefty" announced the collection of applicants. Malyutin arrived in Moscow, showed his ability to play upside down tools and hit the number of winners. The winners had to make a concert tour in several Russian cities. The first was to be Moscow. Festival of Russian Book of records "Lefty" was to begin September 1, 2004. But that morning, Chechen rebels took the Beslan school, and the festival was postponed.In early 2007 on "the First channel" has appeared in the show "Minute of fame". The desire to go on "Moment of glory" Alexander said to my wife - she supported him. Money on the ticket helped the head of area Victor Korshunov."He went there as a last-fight - said the head teacher of the Altai school of the arts, where he once worked Malyutin, Natalia Anisimova. He just wanted to live as a real musician: concerts, tours. He had hoped that Moscow will notice it".In Moscow Malyutin together with other participants of the first season of "minutes of glory" lived on the ship "Michail Lomonosov". On the day of his speech Malyutin first, turning away from the piano, played "Turkish Rondo" by Mozart, and then the toes "chopsticks.".

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