Stalin and Brezhnev - favorite secretaries-General of the Russians

Stalin and Brezhnev - favorite secretaries-General of the RussiansWhat do you think, what political system we live in? When "socially oriented capitalism", which has replaced capitalism "oligarchs", who ruled the country in the 1990-ies.It is so written in the book for teachers "modern history of Russia. 1945-2006" Alexander Filippov. The discussion was devoted to a special conference at the Academy of advanced training and retraining of education workers.The scandalous book Filippova "MK" already wrote ("For Russia! For Stalin!", 1 October). The article generated more than 600 responses, which is understandable: our readers do not care what books will teach children. Why is the appearance of the next tutorial has caused such heated debate? The answer is simple: the author admits that the book is already approved by the "top". Now it has released a limited edition - only for teachers, but soon, apparently, will be ready and mass circulation.This means, in the country after a 15-year hiatus will be the same for all the textbook of national history. And although the head of the Department of state policy and legal regulation in the sphere of education Isaak Kalina strongly convinced journalists that the manual still needs to get to the Federal list (for which he has to pass the examination of the two academies - Russian Academy of Sciences and RAO), and then another to get the recognition of teachers, but the participants at the conference had no doubt: the book Filippova have already given the "green light".So what, you say, were in the Soviet years some textbooks for all schoolchildren, and nothing learned. Maybe it's even better than the current abundance. After all, the only officially authorized and recommended by Minobrnauki "Stories" already 86 pieces! Poor teachers do not know what to choose. It's better to be one book, but a proven,...All this is so. The only problem is that the manual Filippova historical facts are given, to put it mildly, peculiar. As the image of famous personalities. Judge for yourself.Red monarchThe cult of personality of Stalin, it would seem, has long condemned - even at the XX Congress of the CPSU. However Filippova Stalin appears in all his glory. Alexander Vyacheslavovich compares Joseph Vissarionovich... Ivan the Terrible and Peter the First. But not by cruelty and bloodlust that would probably be correct, but by Imperial samaskom. The author did not shy away from calling the Soviet ruler monarch, but a society built Empire.Stalin reestablished the monarchy in the form of the cult of self, strengthened the faith - but not in God, and a new, red faith... with its creed and its martyrs." The General Secretary is the author of victory in the great Patriotic war, the mastermind of industrialization, collectivization and cultural revolution. Filippov quotes the words of Winston Churchill: "He (Stalin) took the country with a plow and left it with the atomic bomb." In the book, and the mention of modesty and democratic leader.And what about the tens of millions, rotting in the Gulag killed in prison? About them Filippov casual observes: "the Success achieved most brutal exploitation of the population." So. In General, "thank you comrade Stalin for our happy childhood".The people's kingBut Nikita Khrushchev shown differently. Stalin's successor on the throne is a weak ruler, almost a joke. Here is the portrait of Nikita: "On his head was what a stupid rag on his belt - a huge lifeline (Khrushchev was sunbathing on the beach. - Auth.). Fat, flabby, and most importantly - almost naked, in obladaushih white cotton shorts".As you can see, nothing attractive. Whether it is a wise leader in the French and with a pipe... In the power of the "people's king" came about almost by accident - went to school with Stalin's wife Nadezhda Alliluyeva in Industrial Academy. Famously planted seeds of corn, had a fight with the military and cultural figures, ill-considered reforms have angered the party apparatus, the inflated prices and caused food crisis. And nearly unleashed world war III. In General, the voluntarist. Well at least that reigned for long and was happily retired.Congestive Secretary GeneralAh, drinking wonderful years... "Dear Leonid Ilyich" depicted in the book with undisguised sympathy. Filippov emphasizes conflict-free and loving kindness of the Secretary General. This ushered in a good position, help with the apartment. And even Brezhnev love the awards shows as a small, forgivable weakness. We are all human... Leonid Ilyich in the interpretation Filippova even a bit pathetic: a deeply sick man was forced to remain on the job until death - colleagues on the Politburo were not allowed to go into retirement.By the way, at the end of almost every Chapter the author grants the results of opinion polls. So: the activities of Stalin and Brezhnev is evaluated positively almost half of Russians - 47 and 50%, respectively, and negatively only 29 and 16 (!) percent. The boundless love of the people to the Communist party! They forgave all - and bloody repression, and the queue for the sausage.Kremlin dreamerAssessing the Gorbachev era, Filippov asked: "was inevitable transformation?" And he answers himself: "Obviously not." All the events of the mid 1980-ies (acceleration, first attempts of economic reforms) he treats as a blunder of Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev in the book Alexander Vyacheslavovich - ambitious, but naive person. He supposedly was sincerely deluded, believing in the possibility of building "socialism with a human face". And he paid the price for their mistakes. At Philippi, Russia should go the Chinese way, first to reform the economy, and then just let the party reins. Then the Soviet Union would be intact and Mikhail would have ruled on the throne. And everyone would be happy. But history, as we know, does not tolerate the subjunctive mood...Oligarchic PresidentThe main villain of Russia - of course, Boris Yeltsin. Not only that, secretly brought down the Soviet Union was nearly destroyed and Russia! It national of the Republic was about to secede, RSFSR actually turned into a Confederation... price Liberalization and free trade has led to an unprecedented inflation (2500% per year), voucherization - looting of public property and the impoverishment of the people.Plus the war in Chechnya and terrorism is rampant. In a country of rampant banditry and bureaucratic mess, left the Bank in this time with impunity stole $ 8 billion.! Russia got into a huge external debts... But some unthinkable enriched - pay and illegal privatization.

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