Valeria left their children in Russia

Valeria left their children in RussiaLondon will be the starting point in the conquest of the Western pop scene Russian singer Valeria, in the British capital, she flew on 17 January with her husband, producer and assistant chief Joseph Prigozhin."England is the capital of world music, and what is accepted in England, is automatically adopted in the European community", - said in an interview with RIA Novosti singer, who in early October 2007 announced the cancellation of all tour dates for 2008 and the beginning of a crusade to the West."Before the concert in London is still far. First released singles, then we will be releasing the album, will be on promotion: radio, television, advertising. After that all you can think about the concert," said Valeria.Valeria thoroughly prepared to open a new page in his career - an album with the working title Out of control, which will appear in Russia approximately on March 1, will be released in two versions - English and Russian."I have this album very proud of. Let's see how he gets to London," added Valerie.In addition, all of 2008, pop diva will spend in Europe - most of my time in the UK, but plans to visit Germany and France. In Russia, the singer will appear only on individual corporate performances. For its part, Prigogine noted that "whenever possible, we will come to Moscow every weekend, because there will remain our children, and on Monday we will go back to work.".

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