Angelina Jolie - the most generous Hollywood star

Angelina Jolie - the most generous Hollywood starAngelina Jolie has topped the ranking of the celebrities who made the largest contribution to humanitarian activities. According to a recent poll on the website Reuters AlertNet, the star has achieved such recognition as a goodwill Ambassador of the UN.Also in the ranking were marked charity of merit leader of U2 Bono, Archbishop Desmond tutu and the founder of Microsoft and famous philanthropist bill gates.On the contrary, Madonna made the list of the most odious figures, despite her work to raise money for orphans in the African country of Malawi. According to experts, such an attitude to the Madonna was caused by a scandal at a recent adoption of its African boy, when the singer walked the laws of the country due to its popularity and wealth.As noted on the website, the survey results emphasize that Jolie has managed in just a few short years to turn from a tattooed, incontinent sex of feticide in humanitarian character.As for Madonna, many of the voters of the respondents could not fail to note that her charity work was tainted by scandal with the adoption of a little African. The survey polled more than 600 people from around the world. Note that respondents are unable to agree on the assessment of charitable activities, Bono, and as a result, he found himself in the list of the most odious figures in the camp of the benefactors.Benefactors of humanity1.Angelina Jolie2. Bono3. Desmond Tutu4. Bill Gates5. Bill Clinton6. Jimmy Carter7. Kofi Annan8. MIA Farrow9. Don Cheadle10. Brad PittThe most odious people who give to charity1.Madonna2. Paris Hilton3. Oprah Winfrey4. Bono5. Bob Geldof Source: Angelina Jolie - the most generous Hollywood star.

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