Died the head of the Greek Orthodox Church

Died the head of the Greek Orthodox ChurchThe head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens died at the age of 69 from liver cancer.Archbishop Christodoulos was a striking figure. He was elected Primate in 1998.Advocated the exclusive role of the Church in the life of the country. For example, he opposed the exception of the column "religion" of IDs.At the same time he advocated a rapprochement between the Orthodox and Catholic churches. In 2006, Archbishop Christodoulos met with the Pope. This was the first meeting of the representatives of the two churches at this level.Then there were the reports that the hierarchs discussed the possibilities to overcome the Great schism of the Christian Church in 1054.Was diagnosed in June 2007. Last year in Florida the Archbishop tried to transplant the liver, but the operation was unsuccessful, reports the BBC.Greek Church - Autocephalous local Orthodox Church, acts on the territory of Greece. Source: he Died the head of the Greek Orthodox Church.

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