British Airways changed the apology to the accusations: Bure was drunk

British Airways changed the apology to the accusations: Bure was drunkOn Tuesday, the appeals of the Moscow city court upheld the recovery of 67 thousand roubles with British Airways in favor of the famous in the recent past, Russian hockey player Pavel Bure for his wrongful removed from the plane.Thus, the court dismissed the cassation appeal as airline and Storm, the protection of which was trying to increase the amount of compensation, RIA Novosti reported.Meanwhile, the British airline withdrew those previously given apologies for the removal from the flight in October 2006 at the airport "Domodedovo". And, moreover, accused Bure in finding during the incident in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, informs the Agency "All sport".We will remind that on October 31, 2006 Pavel Bure was expelled from the cabin of a British Airways plane due to the fact that the pilot took the athlete for a football hooligan and refused to lift the Board into the air. In the end, he lost almost a day, waiting for the next flight. In response, the hockey player has made airline damages. Tver court of Moscow ruled in favour of Bure 57 thousand as compensation for material damage and 10 thousand - moral. Meanwhile, the hockey player in the lawsuit demanded from the company 20 million rubles. The plaintiff considered the amount of compensation for moral damage is laughable and tried to get it bigger."Ultimately, the court upheld the original decision stand, but reiterated the fundamental rightness of my client in the incident - said the Agency "All sport" lawyer Pavel Bure Dmitry Ragulin. In this regard, we consider the possibility of filing a new claim - due to the fact that at the last hearing British Airways has effectively abandoned its original position. The representatives of the defendant withdrew the apology to the airline and now claim that Pavel Bure during the incident was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Any actual evidence they, of course, his position does not support. In the near future I will contact Pavel Valeryevich and discuss the possibility of filing a new claim against British Airways - about protection of honor and dignity. We believe that such statements by the representatives of the Respondent are spreading information discrediting the reputation of Pavel Bure. Honestly, after the court decision on compensation, we were not going to go further themselves exhausted from this whole story, but now, it seems, we leave no choice".Earlier, the British airline apologized to Pavel Bure for the incident. At the same time, it was noted in the message British Airways, the crew sought to ensure the safety of passengers. This was done after the riots, arranged a day before the incident with Bure Russian football fans aboard flight EN route Moscow-London.Then under the influence of alcohol Russian fans coming to the match between CSKA Moscow and London "Arsenal", started Smoking and rioted on Board the aircraft. The crew failed to quell the young people who had forced many passengers to leave their seats. Source: British Airways changed the apology to the accusations: Bure was drunk.

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