Kirkorov called Meladze `toad`

Kirkorov called Meladze `toad`Behind the scenes of the final concert of "Factory of stars-7" all talking about the lack of Philip Kirkorov.Recall, one of the project leaders: Valery Meladze - live criticized Philip and asked, "factory" not to listen to his advice. The latter took offense and stated that erased brothers Meladze "eraser" of his life that the brothers Meladze as man is "complete shit" that they are "evil, envious toad".- Valery, why Kirkorov today isn't playing? "asked the correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Meladze.- I don't know. We didn't fight, reluctantly, replied the singer."So you made peace with Philip?"Yes," dryly told us Meladze. Source: Kirkorov called Meladze "the toad"".

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