The tragic death Talkov was fatal for Aziza

The tragic death Talkov was fatal for AzizaLife singer Aziza, which at the beginning of her creative work could only envy, has changed in one day. Instead of success came a desperate, almost complete oblivion.The tragic death of singer Igor Talkov was an event that influenced the whole future destiny of the singer. Remember that the artist was killed before his speech at a large rally concert in St. Petersburg. From the outset, it is Aziz began to associate with tragedy.Why it happened, and she knows Aziz. Scandal behind the scenes 6 October 1991 was due to the fact that the fault of the organizers she was late and had no time to get ready for his speech. Then someone had the idea to ask other artists to trade with the singer places. There were no volunteers, and the conversation on this topic then-boyfriend Aziza Igor Malakhov and Igor Talkov, over the fatal shot that took the life of the singer."It was later put forward the version about the political background of the murder, but about the Masonic conspiracy. But actually it was a tragic, senseless accident," says now artist."The sixth of October I turned gray in one night," recalls Aziz. I lost my voice. I thought I was living some kind of nightmare. Don't remember what happened to me that I did, though my body had built a protective wall to my soul ripped in half. So when a critical voltage blows the fuse, to avoid circuit and fire".After the murder Talkov in the press exactly Aziz did the main culprit of the incident. The singer's career was interrupted on the rise, writes magazine "7 days". First Aziz cancelled all touring for six months, then due to the unstable from her tour schedule to Irina Allegrova left Director.The comeback was triumphant. From sexy Oriental diva with a bright appearance Aziz suddenly turned into more serious adult woman with thoughtful songs. The public was not to the liking of such a change.To failures in career and added personal turmoil. Aziz was truly in love, wanted to have a child from a loved one. But the first pregnancy was interrupted in the second month, the second and completely deprived of the singer ever to have children. Trouble Aziz pursued on all fronts, but she tried not to give up and move on.And only now in my life artist all start more or less to improve. She's in love again - in businessman Jantana Haydarov - mutually and happily. I loved nephew Aziza will soon have a baby, and this is truly a joyous occasion because the laughter of children in their family was not heard for 26 years.With a career all the same more or less getting back to normal. All day Aziz engaged on the project "You - superstar". May participate in this program again will allow the singer to bathe in the rays of bygone glory.And most importantly - Aziz sang a duet song "This world" with his son Igor Talkov, too, Igor Talcum. "In the tragedy I am clean to this guy and before God," says Aziz. Source: the Tragic death Talkov was fatal for Aziza.

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