The film `Atonement` received 14 BAFTA nominations

The film `Atonement` received 14 BAFTA nominationsOn 15 January, in London were announced the nominees for the BAFTA award the British Academy of film and television arts) for 2007. Films for Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures received the highest number of nominations.The Russian market represents the interests of distributor, Universal Pictures International Russia.The film "Atonement" Director Joe Wright, with keira Knightley and James McAvoy in the lead roles, is marked with 14 nominations. This is the only painting, received a number of nominations."Redemption" was nominated for a BAFTA award in the following categories:- Best film- Best English film- Best Director - JOE WRIGHT (Joe Wright)- Best actor (drama) - JAMES MCAVOY (James McAvoy)- Best actress (drama) - KEIRA KNIGHTLEY (Keira Knightley)- Best actress (drama) - saoirse RONAN (Saoirse Ronan)Best adapted screenplay CHRISTOPHER HAMPTON (Chistopher Hampton)- Best editing - Paul Tothill (Paul Tothill)- Best composer/soundtrack - DARIO MARIANELLI (Dario Marianelli)- Best cinematography - Sheamus, Macgarvie (Seamus McGarvey)- Best production designer Sarah Greenwood and Katie Spencer (Sarah Greenwood/Katie Spencer)- Best sound editing - Danny Hambrook, Paul Hamblin and Katherine Hodgson (Danny Hambrook/Paul Hamblin/Catherine Hodgson)- Best costume design - Jacqueline durran (Jacqueline Durran)Best stylist - Ivan Primorac (Ivana Primorac)We will remind also that on January 13, were declared the winners of the award "Golden globe", and "Atonement" was the best film of the year.The picture is in the Russian hire on January 17, 2008, and tells the tragic love story against the backdrop of World War II. Source: the Film "Atonement" received 14 BAFTA nominations.

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