Roma Zver fans showered boots

Roma Zver fans showered bootsBefore his appearance in the capital of the Urals, the leader of the "Beasts" Roman Bilyk has devoted a few minutes to press. And started the conversation himself - so he was fed up with questions about the target audience, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda - Ekaterinburg".- I constantly say Roma, you're almost 30 and you're still singing songs about girls and for girls, " grinned Roma Beast. "But we have "not young" songs. Under them come off not only the students but also their dads. Also go to concerts and jump in the crowd.Not really worrying about the voice, the singer of "Beasts" a lot of smoke. And he wore a pair of winter boots almost to the knee.- I forgot my concert shoes in Moscow - shrugs Roma. - I had to go here in the "sporting goods" and buy a branded white sneakers for 350 rubles. In the meantime, in boots I go, so as not to wear out concert shoes.About the work of the musician talks with pleasure, but about the personal life prefers not to apply:- I about the personal life of not talking at all. Neither friends, nor relatives, nor with journalists. Let's better about the group. We have here the composition is slightly changed. Gone keyboardist Cyril Antonenko. He just expired contract, and Cyril chose to do my own thing. Our Director even gave him a passport. Now Cyril writes electronic music and we are looking forward to the release of his first solo album.- You in December marks 30 years, how are you going to celebrate the anniversary?- Will be noted, together with a group in St. Petersburg in the ice Palace, " laughs Roma.- Wait about 12 thousand guests. The fact is that I do not advocate mark banal in the restaurant with flowers, toasts and gifts. I think you first need powerful to play the gig, and after him powerfully to plunk.Having played an hour and a half concert, Roma got rid of their bought in the "sporting Goods" white sneakers and threw them into the hall. Disposable footwear ended up in the hands of one of the fans of the team. Source: Roma Beast fans showered boots.

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