Hollywood transforms into monarchs of Europe

Hollywood transforms into monarchs of Europe Among the actors who receive offers to star in the film in the role of a monarch, it is impossible to identify a common type. Somewhere need become Royal, but otherwise useful, and youthful sexuality, according to ABC News.Actress cate Blanchett was nominated for the award "Oscar" for a role of Queen Elizabeth I in the same film. She played the role of Queen in the continuation of this painting called the "Golden age". The tape will be released this week and is dedicated to the relationship of the Queen with sir Walter Raleigh, played by Clive Owen.Preceding the film is about the youth of Elizabeth and how she became the "Queen-a virgin". Blanchet lost "Oscar" actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who starred in the film "Shakespeare in Love".For Scarlett Johansson corset dresses Royal also becomes something familiar. The actress has already played a Scottish Queen Mary Stuart, and is now preparing a sequel to the historical tape. A born-again Catholic rule Scotland from 1542 to 1567, and was later imprisoned and executed by order of her cousin Elizabeth I.In the new film, its creators hope to focus on political and personal aspects of the relationship between two relatives Queens. But it is not known, completed the picture by Stuart penalty or narrative is interrupted before.Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has played two Royal houses in the 1998 film "the man in the iron mask". Painting is loosely based on works by Alexandre Dumas, and DiCaprio plays in it king Louis XIV as a ruthless ruler and his twin brother Philip, wearing an iron mask which hides the true Royal grandeur.Scottish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has added the image of king Henry VIII of sex appeal by taking part in the filming of a historical series about the English dynasty of the rulers of "the Tudors". With this quality the numerous marriages of the English king look a bit more natural. King is also known for its tyrannical disposition.Actress Elizabeth Taylor became a seductress two greatest generals of antiquity, who played the role of the Egyptian Queen in the 1963 film "Cleopatra". According to legend, lovers of the Queen were the Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar and his friend mark Antony. Bold smoky eyes Taylor, with a kind of "wings" in the corners that are firmly part of the image of the Queen. In the final scene Cleopatra commits suicide, dying from the bite of a snake.Actor Jason Schwartzman looks a little like the king, but for the Director of the film "Marie-Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola proved to be a suitable choice. In the 2006 film Schwartzman plays the young king Louis XVI - a timid young man, 20 years rising to the throne and suffered from shyness in the bedroom in front of his wife.Wife of Louis Marie-Antoinette was played by actress Kirsten dunst. In the choice of actor for this role Coppola guided inter alia by the German origin dunst as Marie Antoinette was from Austria. In the film the Queen appears as a kind of playful teenager, trapped in a luxurious ambience.Gerard Butler in a loincloth was the embodiment of a Spartan perfection, playing king Leonidas in the movie "300". The tape filmed on the novel by Frank Miller, which, in turn, based on a story from Herodotus about the battle of Thermopylae in the gorge. According to this legend, Spartan king with a handful of his soldiers was holding back the entire Persian army, while the traitor had not conducted the soldiers of Xerxes to the rear of the Braves.Actress Bette Davis ready to make serious sacrifices for the sake of art. In the 1955 film "the virgin Queen" she even had to remove hair, change hair line and eyebrows to play Queen Elizabeth I. However, the loss of sexual attraction does not hurt her career: at the time, the actress was the most popular in the Warner Brother's.For the execution of a minor 15-minute role of Elizabeth I in "Shakespeare in Love" actress Judy Dench received a Royal reward - the prize of the British Academy of film art. Thanks to the way Dan often plays on screen role of royalty.Actress Helen Mirren, who plays Queen Elizabeth II, was awarded for his talent "Oscar" and an invitation to Buckingham Palace. In the film "the Queen", taken in 2006, Mirren managed to compose the image of the Queen mother of the human traits that are not normally visible to the subjects.The Queen was so pleased Mirren game that she even invited the actress to a Royal dinner at the Palace, but she refused due to the tight schedule of filming. Source: the Hollywood transforms into monarchs of Europe (photo).

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