Brazilian Museum stole paintings by Picasso

Brazilian Museum stole paintings by PicassoPaintings by Pablo Picasso and Candido Portinari, stolen in December 2007 from the Museum of art in sГЈo Paulo, was intended for the collector from Saudi Arabia, reports AP.On Friday said one of the suspects detained in the case of the theft from the Museum. It is in the apartment of this man on 8 January 2008 were found of the painting that went missing from the Museum. The canvases were prepared for transportation, said Friday evening, representatives of law enforcement agencies of Brazil, involved in the investigation of theft.Two paintings - "Portrait of Suzanne Bloch" by Picasso, valued at $ 50 million, and "Collector coffee" Portinari, estimated at 5-6 million, were made by the robbers from the Museum of art in Sao Paulo early in the morning of 20 December. Paintings hung in different rooms of the Museum, however, the criminals took these two pictures, which, according to the police, testified to the custom nature of the robbery.January 8, police in Brazil said that the cloth was found, and on suspicion of involvement in a robbery arrested two people. No other details then were not reported. Source: Brazilian Museum stole paintings by Picasso.

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