Pavel Volya was captured on the island

Pavel Volya was captured on the islandThe girlfriend of the leading and renowned artist Paul Will Marica condemned his friend to this agony. Thanks to her cheerful Pavel is not a laughing matter.Flown away from Goa for a few days before she accidentally took with itself the passport Pasha. And "glamorous bastard" every day it's not allowed to leave the country without documents.After intense work, the whole gaggle of "Comedy club" went to Goa. There the residents were booked into a luxury hotel. Throughout the week the participants of the show were supposed to rejuvenate and revel in the Sunny coast of the Indian ocean, what merry was doing.But from carelessness Pasha did not remain also a trace, when before departing, he was horrified to find that his stuff is not the main thing - the Russian passport. Still greater terror seized the Will, when he found out that his paper is Marika, a couple of days earlier Pasha returned to Moscow. In the capital she was shooting in a new MTV project "Five in isolation", and a little later the Will was to appear on the premiere of the film "the best film". But yesterday in the cinema "October" it so no one waited, the newspaper "Your day".What would Pasha any move to depart from India without documents he could not do under any circumstances. Therefore, disrupting all the rage on the friend, the resident began to seek a way out of the situation. First he asked her to drop everything and fly to him with a passport. But the leading, in order not to disrupt the shooting, were able to negotiate with the flight attendants and through them to transfer to the boyfriend of your passport.- I only send the passport Pasha with a new ticket to Moscow - said Marika. - By the way, buy a ticket proved to be a big problem because they were not there, now everything is back to Moscow. But, as they say, he who seeks will always find... the Situation is really comical. I don't even remember your passport Pasha appeared at me. Probably, after passport control in Goa I immediately removed the papers into the pocket of his bag. And then we forgot about it. I can imagine what was going on with Pasha, when he couldn't find the passport, but he immediately called me, and I, if I may say so, reassured him.Now the comedian left by friends (they all went back to Moscow in time), is located in Goa and can not wait to finally be able to leave the resort. At best, he can do it today. Source: Pavel Volya was captured on the island.

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