The top five most sexy women in the world

The top five most sexy women in the worldMale readers of the magazine "Maxim" amounted to "five" the most famous non-sexual women in the world. In the first place was the star of the TV series "Sex and the city" Sarah Jessica Parker."Style icon, actress and fashion designer Sarah Jessica Parker removed now in a feature film "Sex and the city". While for many women, it is the ideal of the modern urban woman, beauty, athlete and fashionista, men consider it frankly unattractive."As the actress with the face of the barbarian manages to appear in the show with the word "sex" in the title?" - surprised the readers of the magazine. - We would prefer her the man of her dreams Chris Note". However, Parker does not just fall into the "top ten" most charming celebrities, and for many of the fairer sex - it is an example to follow.In the second place, the British rocker Amy Winehouse, an alcoholic and drug addict who is constantly treated for their addictions rehab hospitals in England. "When we first heard that star in their songs showing off again and refuses to be treated, we thought, "Here it would be very fun to hang out!", but looking at her creepy pale skin with translucent capillaries, and hair, resembling a crow's nest, eyelashes that look like pasted scraps of felt, we began to shout, "Oh No, spare us!" The very same young singer satisfied with their appearance and a few years as married.On third place came the star of the series about the doctors of "Grey's Anatomy" Sandra O. Men believe that her on-screen character is just awful and spoils the image of women doctors.On the fourth line of the hit parade "the worst" was Madonna. "Narusis on pornography, which was fond of in his youth, Madonna traded her calling "pioneer of sexuality" on the rapid ageing after the wedding with guy Ritchie," he wrote in the magazine "Maxim". Men think that for her age she looks not very good, and with his muscular arms and legs with protruding veins it is similar to bodybuilders retired.Top five "most unsexy women" 25-year-old Britney Spears. Five years on, the young talented singer with an angelic face and figure Barbie has become unattractive hysterical with a lot of extra pounds that drink and walking around without underwear, as well as having casual sex. Men doubt that Spears is back on the scene and not wonder what she will take away children. Source: Five of the most sexy women in the world.

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