Moscow says goodbye with Gennady Bachinsky

Moscow says goodbye with Gennady BachinskyToday in Moscow will be held the funeral of the popular TV and radio host Gennady Bachinsky, who died in a car accident. A memorial service will be held at the Central house of the journalist. Bachynsky will be buried at the cemetery Troekurov.The victim's family has banned photos and video of the farewell ceremonies.And yesterday in Karloukovski monastery on the outskirts of the city of Kashin has funeral Gennady Bachinsky. The ceremony began at 12:00 spiritual mentor Bachynsky - local priest father Vitaly. Accompanied Gennady, his widow, relatives, work colleagues, local residents. The service lasted an hour and a half.As writes "Your day", father Vitaly admitted: showman than once told him that he was tired from work and thinking to do away with worldly Affairs. He felt that show business is not his way. Bachinsky even thought to leave the monastery.Meanwhile Sergey Stillavin was crushed by the news of the death of his friend. The TV presenter, who was called foster brother Bachynsky, three days did not pick up the mobile phone. Did not answer, even if the display is displayed in the rooms of friends.Stillavin one of the first rushed to a small town in the Tver region, where they brought the body of his friend. He talked with family Bachynsky, ordered a prayer for the repose of his soul and went to Moscow. He took on the difficult trouble of organizing a friend's funeral.Now many are concerned about what will happen to the morning show at "Mayak", one of the leading which was Gennady Bachinsky. Paired with Sergey Stillavin he worked at the radio station just six months. The new show has become less cynical than the previous program of the Duo on the radio "Maximum". The guys were discussing serious issues. For example, the last guest of the program was a deacon of Krutitsy Patriarchal metochion Mikhail Pershin, talked to him about the prohibition of abortion.According to the official representative of the radio station "Mayak" Margarita Lyange, the management will decide what will happen to radio shows that were Bachinsky and Stillavin, after the funeral. Sergey Arkhipov, head of the Directorate of VGTRK broadcasting, which owns "the Lighthouse", said that "even thinking about it yet and don't want to." Management will consult with Sergei Stillavin a possible replacement for Gennady in their joint program "Positive morning" if it decides to continue to produce, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Recall that Gennady Bachinsky was killed on January 12 in a car accident. Driving your car "Volkswagen Golf", he tried to overtake another vehicle and left on a strip of oncoming traffic where faced the minibus.Bachinsky was born 1 September 1971 in yarovoye, Altai Krai. He graduated from the faculty of computer science and engineering St. Petersburg state electrotechnical University. Systems engineer on a speciality "Automatics and control in technical systems".At the end of April Bachinsky has received the award "Radiomania-2007" in nomination "Best morning show". He was the host of TV's "Repair" and "the playbook" on TNT, but also acted in films. Recently Gennady Bachinsky was working at the radio station "Mayak". He is survived by a widow and two children.It is worth noting that Bachynsky was very modest driving experience. Three years ago, arrived in Krasnoyarsk on the record radio show, he first sat behind the wheel. Then he admitted that he is not eager to drive a car. As if had a presentiment that it will play a fatal role in his fate... Source: Moscow says goodbye with Gennady Bachinsky.

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