Pelsh provoked the wrath of the stars `Ice age`

Pelsh provoked the wrath of the stars `Ice age`Showman Valdis Pelsh was not impressed by the success of the stars in "Ice age". TV presenter persistently put new skaters low grades, paying no attention to the opinion of other members of the jury. In the end he alienated almost all project participants.First Pelsh brought in outsiders Igor Vernik and Albena Denkova. However, during the execution of the program (skaters chose images of Quasimodo and Esmeralda from Notre Dame de Paris") Igor tripped and fell. The actor was so taken aback that even could not immediately rise, rolled over on his back and pulled in a partner. In the end, Albena had to ride in a torn suit, which she brushed skate as he fell. But despite this error, the overall program of this pair was very beautiful."Sorry - sorry their coach Ilya Averbukh after the rental. "You first, so rode that goose bumps ran!EvaluationBut to fix it was impossible, one could only hope for leniency of judges. But such low ratings was not expected. Valdis Pelsh evaluated the performance of children 5.2. Such points on the project set for the first time. Maxim Galkin has tried to support Igor:He was unable to ride in a different way! He look like a Hunchback! Igor is an actor, well he just got in the way, and so fell!Igor himself, though, and got upset, tried to laugh it off:- We Valdis very complicated relationship. He is very concerned because of my success with women!TearsThe next victim restless Pelsh was a pair Tatiana Navka and Ville Haapasalo. The guys rode in the image mimes touching under French love song. Love on the ice turned out just fine. Even always so courageous and discreet Zhulin could not hold back the tears, watching the skating of his wife and her partner.All were convinced that less than six points the pair receives. It would be so, if Pelsh again came in below estimates. And now the Chairman of the jury Tatiana Tarasova became furious (tears "Kaya" Zhulin did not leave indifferent even the "Snow Queen" ice show!) and said Valdis unfair. What a resourceful TV presenter said:And this is not a low score, is quite normal. You're picking on small Nations!ChulpanCharming Chulpan Khamatova not the first to suffer from Valdis Pelsh. The actress still remembers with a shiver the "Draw". Valdis and his colleagues very unsuccessfully tried to pull her to a cafГ©, where he sat Chulpan, flew "terrorists".In the end, all ended in scandal. And now, after Pelsh has supplied them with Roman Kostomarov unfair grade for excellent performance, Chulpan didn't even bother to hide his irritation. She went out into the corridor, wiping her tears.- I hate it! much - said the actress. - To look straight at him could not, when he began to speak. I think after shooting him today many Express what I think... Source: Pelsh provoked the wrath of the stars of "Ice age"".

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