Freundlich enthusiastically mutilated themselves for the sake of career

Freundlich enthusiastically mutilated themselves for the sake of careerFamous painting Eldar Ryazanov's "Office romance" for 30 years. But over the years the tape was not less beloved. This film still remembers and loves not only the older generation but also the young people.With Eldar Ryazanov's still a lot of memories about the filming of this movie. Especially impressed with the Director's work with actress Alisa Freundlich. According to him, an actress with great enthusiasm mutilated himself for the role of Skanks."I had long wanted to film Freundlich - recognized Eldar Ryazanov in an interview with the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - Well, a very long time! I called her in "Hussar ballad" - did not happen. Was invited to "Zigzag of luck" - she was in position, waiting for her daughter. We Braginsky gave the play "With light steam!" in the Theater of Leningrad city Council with the condition that Freundlich will play a major role. But for some reason not played it.Speaking by and large, the picture of the "Office romance" exists because there is Alisa Freundlich. I went to visit her in St. Petersburg, spoke to her husband and chief Director of the theater Igor Vladimirov, with the Alice by Brunoni. Offered, so to speak, hand and heart. Freundlich agreed. And with such violence began to disfigure yourself!".

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