Personal suffering Jasmine

Personal suffering JasmineSinger Jasmine after a scandalous divorce is trying to protect our privacy from prying eyes. "There were just too many, don't want to run in my life," says the artist.But the son Misha says with pleasure, although for many years she kept him hidden from the public. The singer is very proud of the child, which she managed to regain her former husband Vyacheslav seminueva. Many engaged with his son, brings him a real man.Misha is studying in the fourth grade. But learning is not important and by far not the only thing in his life. He loves to play sports, especially playing football and tennis. And recently also to classes in Wushu signed up.Like almost all modern children, loves the computer. With this scourge Jasmine struggles, wants to protect the child, but not always successfully. In the war against new technologies, it uses proven parenting techniques: the right to sit at the computer must be earned. Misha needs to perform some things that he instructs mom, and it is rewarded with a half hour of computer work.In his spare motherhood, the singer does not forget about a career - tours extensively and works a lot in the Studio. Preparing to release a new, already the seventh, album, title yet to be determined. Shot two videos, one of them for the song "Pain". Source: Personal suffering Jasmine.

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