Career Zavorotniuk began with rape

Career Zavorotniuk began with rape Few people know that the film career of the popular actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk started in the city of Dubna with... rape in the monastery in the hayloft!It is this small role of the daughter of the priest has become the first step on the path to glory of our "fair nanny"."Your DAY" managed to get a video in which the heroine Anastasia raping scumbag. Who now learns to plump daughter of a priest of the beautiful and slender babysitters Vika?! Yes, and the actress does not advertise this work. In any interview or biography about her not remembering.The film "My fair nanny" can be called the rise of the career of the actress, since 2004 about Anastasia Zavorotniuk whole country spoke.RoleAnd just ten years before that, in 1993, the actress happily agreed on a dramatic role in the film directed by Vladimir Lubomudrov "Heir". And to tell you the truth, She played her brilliantly. Therefore it remains a mystery why she so carefully hides the beginning of her acting career. We do not want to remember about small today for her role, whether about their appearance.- I don't know what more can be shy, " said the Director of the film Vladimir wisdom, role daughter of a priest, or that this role of nanny. I think she is not shy, just a picture is not promoted. And it is unlikely she would have been so popular if he played something from the classical roles she had in the plays of Ostrovsky's or Chekhov."Child".

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