Friske busy restocking the family

Friske busy restocking the familyThe new lead singer of "Brilliant" Natasha Friske recently acquired a new full-fledged member of the family in the face of a little kitten, which was called omega.Natasha was a four-legged pet - pug named Demis. By the way, that dog is the son of mopsie Josephine, which brings Natasha's sister Jeanne Friske.But "brilliant" is another favorite."We went with a friend on the street, and saw that grandma handing out kittens. They are poor, so was trembling. And I just could not pass up - went and fell in love with one of these fascinating creatures. I returned home with him on the hands," says the singer.Kitten named omega, but at home it is more commonly called Ohm. However, with his owner to the kid to see almost not necessary: the singer is now a very difficult schedule, and it's almost never home."The dog needs constant care from her need to walk twice a day, and I physically can't do well as is constantly on tour. And at the time when I'm not in Moscow, I take the Demis parents, " she says. - Ohm and in the absence of me feels fine - misbehaves, climbs everywhere. That she is energetic and cheerful, she is very like me". Source: Friske busy restocking the family.

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