The most bizarre celebrity requirements

The most bizarre celebrity requirementsThe Daily Mail published an excerpt from the book The Little Red Riders Book, which talks about what a bizarre star requirements sometimes make to the organizers of the performances.Beyonce, they say, requires only the products of Pepsi, cereal with honey and nuts, ginger root, double sofa bed, temperature 26 degrees and no sweets in the dressing room.P Diddy requires: 204 towels, 20 bars of soap, two bottles of Hennessy cognac, two bottles of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, two bottles of Veuve Clicquot, a bottle of Dom Perignon, Grey Goose vodka, a tape recorder, a bouquet of white flowers, cheddar cheese, chips with sour cream and bulletproof Maybach.While participating in the program Top Of The Pops Janet Jackson demanded 20 black towels, 20 candles and soy milk with vanilla flavor.Eminem is one of the most bizarre requests: a bucket of fried chicken, a large TV with a Play Station, a basketball Hoop, a ping-pong table, a supply of booze and diet snacks.Mariah Carey, they say that once refused to leave the car at 2:15 a.m. when he arrived at the hotel, because she does not spread the red carpet with candles, which she demanded.Madonna requires the room specially charged with energy water from the Kabbalah centre. They say that once in London, she asked herself in the dressing room bath.Sir Elton John, saying, unpretentious. Flowers (chrysanthemums), fresh fruit, soft drinks and teas, large green plants and a large sofa that he needs to be happy.Tell Jerry Halliwell once took down an entire floor of the Hilton, but would not meet with pop group Steps.Queries Britney Spears is quite reasonable: a packet of Doritos and a bowl of peppermint candies. However, the star requires seven additional rooms for their environment.Actress Julia Roberts need: lots of fresh milk - and she's happyJennifer Lopez, they say, requires that during a public appearance, it has spread the fragrance of gardenias. They also say that she is very picky to the linen in the hotel.Singer Robbie Williams is unpretentious, but they say that during the tour, he asked to provide him with a framed photo of former emcee Blockbusters Bob Holness.Marilyn Manson requires in the dressing room a tray of cat litter, but not for your cat and for yourself in case he itch.Latino Ricky Martin orange requires the light so that it looked more tanned.The Rolling Stones insists that behind the scenes they stood a table for playing BilliardsThe rider Whitney Houston featured a variety of snacks: peanut butter, sandwiches, crab legs, bagels, rice with shrimp and spring rolls. Source: the Most bizarre demands of celebrities.

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