The entire show Shine admitted to the hospital

The entire show Shine admitted to the hospitalPopular sports commentator Vladimir the plot is under medical treatment in Moscow the 1st City hospital, she feels well, has informed "Interfax" a press-the Secretary of TV company "NTV-Plus" Anastasia Kazakova.Earlier, some media circulated reports that the plot was hospitalized due to acute pain in the abdomen. According to the newspaper "Your day", the famous commentator, may have to undergo surgery.Late at night the plot was bad: very sick stomach. However, Vladimir Nikitovich did not give his condition enough attention - at that time he was preparing the next TV show to be released in the air. Instead of turning to the doctor, he decided to self-medicate. However, pain pills did not help. By two o'clock the pain from the former goalkeeper of the national team of the USSR and Moscow "Spartak" has only intensified, and he called an ambulance.In three hours the night of the plot was taken in one of the Moscow clinics. However, doctors were able to take sports commentator only 40 minutes later. All this time Vladimir Nikitovich waited for help in the hallway. Then the man finally looked around and immediately hospitalized in the Department of surgery."My husband has rebounded strongly pressure, but now he feels better, - has told "Your Day" spouse of the plot Olga. - How much time he will spend in the hospital - not yet known".The entire show Shine - famous former football player, honored master of sports of the USSR, in the 50-60-ies played for Moscow "the locomotive" and "Spartak", was the champion of the USSR, the winner of the Cup of the country, as substitute goalkeeper - double of the Lev Yashin was a part of USSR national team, becoming in 1960 the first winner of the European Cup.Recent years, the 71-year-old Shine works on the sports channels "NTV-Plus". Source: the entire show Shine admitted to the hospital.

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